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Rovuma exports inch closer
24 April 2017
Eni's project in Mozambique should soon get the official go-ahead. Tanzania's progress is much slower
Mozambique needs less haste, less speed
8 March 2017
Bureaucracy, financing problems and last-minute wrangles are slowing Rovuma Basin projects
Some pain, some gain for Africa
2 December 2016
Crude prices hurt exporters and LNG plans idled. Violence flared in the Niger Delta. East African oil and Senegal were bright spots
Too much LNG... for now
29 November 2016
The global glut will persist in 2017, but recovery is only a few years away
The Rovuma wait
17 November 2016
Political instability and infighting will force gas onto the back burner in 2017
Why waste a crisis?
31 August 2016
Under the pressure of scandal and renewed conflict, Mozambique’s government is keener than ever to speed up its gas-export project
East Africa LNG creeping along
4 April 2016
Mozambique is still leading the race for East Africa’s first LNG project. But there, as in Tanzania, it’s more a marathon than a sprint
Doubts linger in the Rovuma
19 February 2016
Mozambique offshore gas could transform its economy. But plans to use it domestically or build a lucrative export business have hit a number of problems
Rosneft and ExxonMobil team up in Mozambique
2 November 2015
Russian and US majors win rights to explore in three blocks in Mozambique licensing round
Majors show early interest in Mozambique’s 5th round
11 August 2015
ExxonMobil, Total, and Statoil are among the companies that submitted bids to explore for new exploration blocks in Mozambique
Mozambique will be transformed by gas reserves in 10 years
15 January 2015
Anadarko predicts one of the poorest countries in the world will become the world's third largest LNG exporter
East Africa in prime position to join global gas business
19 March 2014
As recent M&A activity suggests, Mozambique and Tanzania are in prime position to join the global gas business, write Brian Cassidy and Steven Fox
Hopeful prospects for East African gas development
25 November 2013
Mozambique and Tanzania’s offshore is shaping up as a prolific – and easily developed – gas play
Mozambique to become a global LNG power
25 October 2013
A world-class gas reservoir should make Mozambique a global LNG power. But the pace of development may be slower than expected
Hopefuls queue up for slice of Mozambique gas
13 May 2013
The world's largest new gas province is offering prospects in Mozambique LNG
New offshore discoveries in East Africa showing promise
1 May 2013
New discoveries offshore could put East African LNG on the map. Can Mozambique eke out a cost advantage?
East Africa will become a global LNG player
1 May 2013
The region will become a global player on the LNG market
Large Mozambique gas stake on offer
6 March 2013
Bids were invited in March for a substantial interest in one of the world's largest undeveloped gas areas
East Africa’s big offshore gas prizes carry big challenges
3 October 2012
Vast gas discoveries off Mozambique and Tanzania are set to turn an energy-deficient region into one of the world’s largest sources of liquefied natural gas – but the challenges of commercialisation are as large as the prizes
PTTEP savours Mozambique Cove takeover victory
26 July 2012
Cove takeover will see Thai firm gain foothold in prolific gas play
Soaring prospects for East Africa’s gas with new discoveries
21 June 2012
Two new gas discoveries off Tanzania and Mozambique should cement East Africa’s future as a world-scale exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
New world-class gas find for Anadarko in Mozambique
15 May 2012
The discovery will increase the reserves in the block by 66%
Anadarko uprates Mozambique gas reserves and LNG capacity
10 October 2011
Having raised its gas-resource estimate for Mozambique’s Area 1, the northernmost offshore block, Anadarko is targeting exports through a 10 million tonnes a year liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant
High hopes for Mozambique LNG with third discovery
14 December 2010
The country hopes to become the first east African country to produce LNG
East Africa: Small finds, high hopes
30 September 2010
Exploration in east Africa is gathering pace as the region's first offshore oil and gas discoveries prompt a new wave of interest
Mozambique: Gas discovery with first deep-water well
6 April 2010
The discovery is likely to prompt operators to begin drilling before expiry of their licences