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Canada takes methane emissions reduction lead
7 February 2020
The country’s oil and gas industry, often maligned for an overall high carbon footprint, is setting the pace on a GHG hot button issue
Methane rises on investors’ risk radar
20 June 2018
Methane emissions are forming an important part of investors' broader climate change strategy
GLNG pipeline sale mooted
16 December 2014
Santos could be looking to selloff its Gladstone liquefied natural gas (GLNG) pipeline as the company comes under increasing financial pressure
Japan taps first gas from methane hydrates
13 March 2013
The country has taken an significant step towards a next-generation fuel source
Santos slams Australian CBM-panel plan
23 November 2011
Australian government pledges A$150 million ($147 million) to establish an independent scientific panel on environmental issues relating to CBM
US and Japan to test Alaska hydrates
26 October 2011
The US and Japan will head to Alaska’s North Slope this winter to test ways to develop a potentially massive source of natural gas – methane hydrates.
Anti-CBM group accused of falsifying claims
21 September 2011
Submissions include text copied and unreferenced from a US study of the country’s shale-gas industry
EPA methane figures ‘dramatically overstated’
25 August 2011
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has “dramatically overstated” the amount of methane released from shale gas wells, a new study by consultancy IHS Cera claimed.
AGA slams Cornell shale-gas study
15 April 2011
Emissions claim 'inaccurate and misleading'; greater scrutiny of the report's data required