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Bulls lock horns over oil prices
27 April 2011
Libya is buoying the oil price, but a peak may be nearing
Libya in limbo as fighting concentrates on oil infrastructure
27 April 2011
“Nato: do it right or leave the fight!” reads a sign in Benghazi, heart of the rebellion against Libya’s Muammar Qadhafi
The war for Libya’s oil
27 April 2011
Derek Brower reports from inside the rebel-held east of the country
Libya conflict hits world oil output
27 April 2011
Global oil production fell to 85.9 million barrels a day in March
EXCLUSIVE: Libyan rebels will reward their ‘friends’
20 April 2011
Libya’s TNC shuts door on Ghanem; post-conflict oil output to soar; Tarhouni vows to honour Qadhafi-era contracts
EXCLUSIVE: Libya’s rebels beg West for cash
19 April 2011
Tarhouni calls on Europe to open Qadhafi's foreign bank accounts
EXCLUSIVE: Libya rebels eye oil restart in weeks
19 April 2011
The resumption of oil production, and exports, from rebel-controlled Libyan oilfields is vital to the success of the insurgency
Libyan rebel oil-export prospects limited
13 April 2011
A shipment of oil has made it out of war-torn Libya, but it may be last for some time to come
Brent holds firm amid Libya unrest; natural gas prices remain weak
4 April 2011
Brent was trading above $112/b in London on 17 March
Middle East unrest threatens global chaos
31 March 2011
Faltering autocracies have failed to provide a coherent response to Middle East protests, risking wider destabilisation and endangering the global economy
A division of the spoils: Uncertainty for Libya's energy sector
31 March 2011
As UN-backed military action targets Qadhafi's forces, Libya's oil and gas industry faces a difficult and uncertain future
Libya turmoil looms over Eni as shares slump
31 March 2011
With 12% of the company's output coming from Libya, shares in Eni slumped. But the outlook for Italy's national champion is not as bad as it seems
A perfect storm in the Middle East as protests continue
24 February 2011
Backing dictatorships is a cynical strategy, but a policy designed to preserve the steady flow of oil from a volatile region may end up doing the opposite
Libya on the brink as protests sweep across Mena
24 February 2011
Anti-government protests are sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East, bringing uncertainty for oil and gas investors and markets
Brent crude soars on Middle East unrest
24 February 2011
Unrest in the Middle East and rising demand forecasts from Opec and the IEA have combined to push oil prices to their highest levels since the spike of 2008
Deepwater Horizon: BP's Macondo well capped at last
22 July 2010
Oil has stopped flowing from BP's blown-out well in the US Gulf, but the company is at odds with the government over what to do next
China in Africa: the honeymoon is over
2 November 2009
China's national oil companies remain a central feature of energy operations in Africa, but their influence has been tempered, writes Ian Lewis
Petro-Canada's operational struggles
1 October 2008
Cost inflation in the oil sands and a mixed performance elsewhere are disappointing Petro-Canada's investors. Derek Brower reports
Gas export capacity rising fast
1 March 2005
North Africa's gas-export capacity is a third higher than at this time last year and is set to rise by an additional 47% – possibly more – over the next four years. In recent months, Libya and Egypt have become substantial gas exporters, joining dominant Algeria. All three countries see prospects for increasing their exports to the expanding gas markets of Europe and the US, Martin Quinlan writes
The last land grab
1 March 2005
Libya: Licence to drill
1 March 2005
January's upstream licensing round, which saw the allocation of all 15 areas on offer, signals the start of a dramatic turnaround in Libya's underachieving oil and gas sector. It also marks the return of US companies after a two-decade absence. Tom Nicholls reports