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Israel plans to be powered by natural gas
30 November 2018
Israel has set targets for greater use of gas in power generation and transport over the coming decade
Iraq considers oil export options
6 April 2018
As plans are made to rebuild its oil pipeline to Turkey, Iraq is hoping to open export routes to Iran and Jordan
Middle East LNG imports set to soar
2 March 2018
Gas shortages will prompt expansion in regional demand for liquefied natural gas
Jordan eyes Iraqi crude for expanded refinery
14 February 2018
The country has approved in principle a plan for a pipeline to import Iraq's oil
Jordan—pick and mix
28 September 2017
Jordan needs to expand its power-distribution system as it becomes one of the most advanced Arab states in developing renewables
Jordan—rocks to watts
28 September 2017
Jordan is hoping that burning oil shale to create power will be a significant step towards greater energy independence
Israeli gas plans move tentatively ahead
27 February 2017
Geopolitics could harm Leviathan export prospects just as the signs are looking good
Making the desert bloom
13 July 2016
Unable to rely on neighbours’ supplies, Jordan wants renewables, gas and kerogen to secure its energy
Jordan primed for unconventional power
28 January 2014
Oil shale reserves set to help country meet its growing electricity demand amid financial troubles
Energy deficit in Jordan creating problems for kingdom
8 July 2013
Jordan has escaped much of the region's turmoil, but a dearth of energy supplies is causing political problems
Jordan presses on with shale-oil plans
30 November 2011
China, Jordan and the UAE will build a 900 MW power plant in Al Lajjun
Eesti ups its oil-shale ambitions
12 October 2011
Plan to extract 4.2 million tonnes a year from the Uus-Kiviõli oil-shale field
Investment boost for Jordan oil shale
5 October 2011
Karak International Oil has approval to start work on $1.8 billion project
Karak wins Jordan oil-shale deal
10 March 2011
Production to begin in 2014
Malaysia enters Jordan’s oil shale
16 December 2010
YTL buys stake in Eesti Energia's Jordan oil-shale
Unlocking Jordan's oil-shale potential
30 September 2010
Jordan has vast oil-shale reserves that could be in production within seven years
Oil shale: the next conventional-oil resource, says Enefit's minerals, oils and biofuels manager Harri Mikk
29 September 2010
Estonia's Enefit says it can develop oil shale cleanly and economically in Jordan and in the US