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Japanese utilities sweat over summer electricity demand
12 April 2011
Power saving and thermal plant shutdowns delay jump in fossil fuel demand
Spot LNG tanker rates high and rising
11 April 2011
Tight fleet pushes day rates up, with no let-up in sight
LNG market shrugs off Japan aftershock
8 April 2011
European gas price rise driven by crude-market rally
Australia set to meet Asian LNG demand
31 March 2011
The shutdown of Japanese nuclear capacity will only add to rising Asian LNG demand. Australia is ready to meet it
Shell's bid to stave off Japan energy crisis after tsunami
31 March 2011
With LNG capacity set to increase, Shell is guaranteeing supply to disaster-hit Japan
Nuclear power's down but not out after Fukushima
31 March 2011
Fission may suddenly be out of fashion. But the world cannot afford to scrap plans for advanced, new-generation reactors
What Japan's Fukushima crisis means for gas
31 March 2011
Fukushima's setback for nuclear power creates new opportunities for natural gas – now and in the future
LNG holds steady as Japan stocks up
30 March 2011
Japanese demand 'met til May'; Tepco weighs spot deal based on UK gas prices; Supply worries on Algeria and Yemen plant outages
LNG tanker rates flat despite Japan quake
18 March 2011
Spot rates stable as market assess demand; long-term charters expected to rise; shipping capacity still tight; SocGen ups Japan gas forecast
Massive Japanese quake rocks LNG market
11 March 2011
Four nuclear reactors shut; Japan could import 3 to 5 more LNG cargoes a month; spot prices could reach $11/m Btu
Commercial gas hydrates production a step closer
9 December 2010
Gas hydrates can be produced; Japan aims for commercial output by 2018
Japan into US shale oil
21 October 2010
Itochu buys share in Fidelity's Wyoming shale-oil
Japan expands its US shale-gas position
2 September 2010
Sumitomo will pay Rex Energy $140m for a 30% stake in its shale-gas play in Pennsylvania and the Japanese trading company plans to invest $1.2bn in the project over the next 10 years
The global glut of LNG
1 February 2010
The global glut of LNG
26 January 2010
The LNG business has changed drastically in the past two years, from fears of a production shortfall, to a supply glut
Coal prices plummet
1 May 2009
Uncertain times
1 May 2007
Indonesia has fed Asia's LNG markets for years, but with big supply contracts up for renewal, these are uncertain times for Southeast Asia's biggest producer, writes Martin Clark
Dawn of a global market
1 March 2007
Scramble for LNG is hotting up- and will only get hotter
Competition heats up for uranium
1 November 2006
High oil prices have fuelled a revival in the nuclear power industry and the scramble for Central Asian energy resources has broadened to include uranium, the feedstock for atomic plants
The Asian LNG hub
29 July 2005
Refining and marketing
1 October 2004
Japan: Downstream business consolidates
A fresh start
1 June 2004
With energy sector restructuring almost complete, Japanese exploration firms are waking up to the real world. The question is can they handle it? Martin Clark reports