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The glut still weighs
25 January 2017
Higher oil prices will lift some LNG contracts, but do little to support the spot market
Weaker China, stronger India
1 December 2016
It was a mixed year in Asia's energy sector, where the oil market's gaze shifted away from its stalwart to a new rising economy
The rise of the LNG trading house
13 October 2016
Shifts in the market are bringing commodities players into the business of selling seaborn gas
The end of producer power
29 September 2016
The wave of LNG supply hitting the market is putting buyers in control
Japan reacts and evolves
27 July 2016
Japan’s energy economy is pulsating – under the weight of its past, imprisoned by imports, and a desire to innovate
The emerging energy axis takes shape
5 July 2016
Liquified natural gas from Australia is central to Japanese plans to reinforce its energy security
The emergence of an Asia-Pacific LNG trading hub
12 April 2016
Professor Jonathan Stern from the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies (OIES) sees a stable future for liquefied natural gas in the region
Big gloom, small promise
4 April 2016
New Asian LNG demand centres are emerging while the region’s big consumers need less of the fuel
Trade deal opens new markets to US LNG
14 October 2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal was signed on 5 October, making it easier for US LNG to expand to new markets
US West Coast LNG projects try to win over Asian buyers
13 November 2014
Officials were in Tokyo in November to pitch the projects to potential investors
Japan opens maiden LNG trading hub JOE
8 October 2014
Japan's first exchange for liquefied natural gas (LNG) has opened for business as it seeks to break a rigid price-setting system that has driven up its energy import bill in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Japan casts net wide for LNG supplies amid nuclear uncertainty
17 April 2014
Japan’s government would like to reduce the country’s dependence on LNG imports for power by bringing the country’s nuclear plants back into operation. But public opposition and policy delays mean securing LNG from all points of the globe will remain a priority for some time yet
$1.2bn investment boost for Texas Freeport LNG
6 March 2014
Two Japanese utility companies have invested in the LNG project, which would fund a liquefaction trains for the project
LNG suppliers must price flexibly due to demand uncertainty
15 November 2013
Suppliers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) must prepare to be more flexible with their pricing because of uncertainty over gas demand from Europe and Japan
Japanese policy hurting the LNG market, Woodside claims
23 October 2013
Australian producer Woodside Petroleum has claimed the Japanese government is fuelling gas buyers’ rising losses and stalling the development of new projects
East Asia weighs up super-grid plan to link Russia to Japan
17 October 2013
Power network linking Russia to Japan "concrete way towards a more harmonious region"
Tepco hopeful nuclear will regain place in Japan mix
15 October 2013
Chief nuclear officer tells of company’s renewed focus on safety, adds the fuel source is both desirable and cheap
Reality bites Asian LNG buyers over US supply
2 October 2013
Asia are slowly waking up to the fact that new supplies from North America will not be cheap – and nor will they flood the market anytime soon
The future for Japan and South Korea’s NOCs
23 August 2013
Both countries, who are big importers in oil and LNG, push ahead
Asia will dominate the global LNG market
13 May 2013
Post-Fukushima Japan, China and a number of other fast-growing Asian countries will need much more frozen gas in the coming decades
Asian buyers push for LNG trading hubs to curb import prices
19 April 2013
Asian buyers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are calling for the creation of trading hubs in the region to lower their growing import bills
Japan taps first gas from methane hydrates
13 March 2013
The country has taken an significant step towards a next-generation fuel source
Fuelling Asia’s drivers as car ownership soars
25 February 2013
Subsidies and weak policy mean Asia’s rising economies will dominate demand growth for transport fuels
Asian advance challenges IOCs in the Gulf
19 February 2013
Concession renewals in Abu Dhabi will test corporate appetites, as Middle Eastern governments hold out for more from their foreign partners
Japan in market for US shale-gas LNG
30 January 2013
Japan is hoping to meet its energy demand – and cut its growing import bills – by sourcing liquefied natural gas (LNG) from US shale-gas developments and possibly increasing its domestic nuclear power-generation capacity
Japan's economy in crisis as LNG imports soar
7 December 2012
Japan’s economy is in crisis as the cost of increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports – necessary to help power generation companies make up for the loss of nuclear capacity – has pushed the country to its first trade deficit in 31 years