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US Bakken tight-oil output to overtake Iraq
20 July 2012
US unconventional oil production may surpass the second and third-largest Opec members by 2020
Baghdad thinks big as oil firms sit out bid rounds
21 June 2012
A dismal response to Iraq’s latest licensing round still hasn’t convinced the government that reform is needed if ambitious production targets are to be met
Iraq's oil production is rising, but political problems remain
13 March 2012
Iraqi oil production is rising, offering hope to the global market. But until the country resolves its political and logistical problems that optimism may prove misplaced
Talk of conflict in Hormuz is a red herring for oil market
5 January 2012
Talk of conflict in the Strait of Hormuz misses the real threat to the global oil market
Crude prices rise on unrest in Iraq and Kazakhstan
22 December 2011
Rising tensions risk supply disruption
Breaking Iraq’s oil-law stalemate
1 December 2011
Until a legal framework is in place, signing up for exploration licences in Iraq and Kurdistan remains a huge political risk, says Keith Myers*
Iraq’s oil law impasse as ExxonMobil moves into KRG
23 November 2011
Shahristani fumes over ExxonMobil’s KRG fait accompli: Iraqi government seems powerless to act over supermajor’s Kurdistan deal
Ambitious Iraqi refining plan needs huge investment
9 September 2011
Securing finance for the plans to double refining capacity could prove difficult
Iraq on track to pump 3 million barrels a day
8 September 2011
Iraqi oil production could reach 3 million barrels a day (b/d) by the end of the year, but export-capacity constraints may shut in output, according to deputy oil minister Ahmed al-Shamma
Testing time ahead for Opec
2 June 2011
Market woes and procedural headaches ahead as cartel meets in Vienna
Iraq’s reality check for oil production targets
13 May 2011
Reality is slowly dawning in Iraq of the implausibility of meeting even half of the 12 million barrels a day (b/d) of oil production the country is targeting by 2017
Kurdistan confronts enemies within and without
13 April 2011
Kurdistan faces many obstacles as it seeks to realise its untapped oil and gas potential
A division of the spoils: Uncertainty for Libya's energy sector
31 March 2011
As UN-backed military action targets Qadhafi's forces, Libya's oil and gas industry faces a difficult and uncertain future
Iraq backs down over Kurdish PSAs
24 February 2011
Prime minister Nuri al-Maliki has pledged to honour the PSAs Kurdistan struck with foreign players. The region could be on track for an oil boom
Opec drives oil production up
24 February 2011
World crude production rose by 0.5m b/d in January, to 86.2m b/d on the back of higher Opec oil and NGLs supply
Kurds upbeat over new Iraq oil-export deal
28 January 2011
KURDISTAN may be on the verge of a breakthrough in persuading Iraq's central government to agree to the resumption of oil exports
New oil minister touts fresh Iraqi licensing round
27 January 2011
Abdul Kareem al-Luaibi, Iraq's new oil minister, has settled in quickly to the hot seat, announcing within a couple of weeks of his appointment plans to launch a new oil and gas licensing round for this year – the country's fourth hydrocarbons auction since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime
Iraq moves towards political stability after deadlock
14 December 2010
After months of deadlock, the world's most ambitious oil producer is edging nervously towards political stability, writes James Gavin
Kurdistan plays hardball with Iraqi government over oil
14 December 2010
The semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government is pressing home the advantage opened up by the Iraqi power-sharing agreement, reports James Gavin
Oil export routes – Iraq looks for a way out
14 December 2010
To meet ambitious oil and gas production-expansion plans, mainly landlocked Iraq must rapidly develop and expand export pipelines if increased output is to reach markets, writes James Gavin
Ambitious Iraq faces challenges amid rush to increase production
14 December 2010
Iraq's government must face reality: a fast-pace rush to quadruple oil production capacity is not suited to the country's capabilities or needs
NOCs on top in Iraqi gas licensing
28 October 2010
IRAQ has awarded three gasfield development projects to consortia of national oil companies (NOC), including Kuwait Energy and Kazakhstan's KazMunaiGaz EP (KMG EP)
Iraq blocks "illegal" Kurdish gas-export deal
30 September 2010
THE GOVERNMENT in Baghdad has rejected a deal between the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Germany's RWE that would have allowed for exports of gas to Europe
Production dips on Opec and non-Opec figures
30 September 2010
Global oil production fell by 250,000 b/d month-on-month to 84.6m b/d in August, mainly because of lower non-Opec output, which slipped by 0.2m b/d to 52.4m b/d, says the IEA
Iraq gives green light to Shell gas deal
29 July 2010
Power shortages played their part in the deal
Oil supply dips, regional growth slows
29 July 2010
Global oil supply fell by 255,000 b/d to 83.95m b/d in June, because of both lower Opec and non-Opec output, says the IEA