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Cash the new king of the oil sector
25 November 2008
High commodity prices put resource-rich countries in command and left IOCs scrambling for a strategy. How will falling oil prices and tighter credit affect them and their rivals? Derek Brower reports
Turkmenistan: East versus West
1 October 2007
After 16 years of isolation, Turkmenistan is opening its doors to Western investors. But its best prospects for expansion are linked with Russia and China, writes NJ Watson
Asia rising
1 May 2007
As Asian economies and populations boom, NOCs are looking to Africa as their latest resource for supplies to match growing demands
Hungary leaves Nabucco on its deathbed
1 April 2007
Hungary demands fed by Russian fuels
Cartel contradictions
1 March 2007
Russia's flirtation with rival gas producers has left consumer countries in a cold sweat. But a cartel probably will not happen and certainly would not work, writes Derek Brower
Gazprom holds the cards
1 January 2007
Gazprom becoming a world leader in gas acquisition
A perfect match
1 July 2006
Middle East: Taking the lead
1 November 2004
With Qatar implementing huge increases in liquefaction capacity, Oman in expansion mode, Iran considering three LNG projects and Yemen LNG continuing to try to sew up long-term supply deals with India and South Korea, the Middle East's importance in world LNG trade is set to grow. Tom Nicholls and Helen Avati report
Iran: eyes on the prize
1 September 2004
Tehran's attempts to lure foreign oil companies into its upstream sector with improved terms have, bar a few exceptions, failed to make much headway. Tinkering with the buy-back formula is unlikely to hasten the entry of IOCs, reports James Gavin