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The light dims for US and Iranian relations, says book
25 September 2012
A new book documenting US-Iran relations since 1979 will leave its readers very glum about the prospects for peace
Sanctions on Iran have failed to spike the oil market
16 July 2012
Soaring Saudi output has given the West an advantage in its battle with Tehran
Gloomy economic outlook weighs on oil
24 May 2012
Global crude prices fell in May due to gloomy outlooks for European and Chinese economies and signs that Iran may allow nuclear inspectors into the country, lifting concern of Middle East conflict disrupting supply
Oil market is ripe for correction as supplies rise and demand falls
24 May 2012
Supplies are rising, demand is stuttering, the Iran issue is fading, and the global economic outlook is darkening. It leaves the oil market ripe for another correction
Iranian deal on the cards, but not yet
16 May 2012
Growing signs of that a deal with Iran over its nuclear programme is within reach could bring welcome relief to fragile economies battling with the effects of an inflated oil market. But the deal is far from done and the timing remains unclear
Due diligence key in working around sanctions
4 April 2012
The risks of unwittingly breaching sanctions against Iran have risen as the US and EU have tightened their restrictions targeting commerce with the Islamic Republic
Market poised between Iran threat and Saudi-US softening tactics
29 March 2012
Global oil prices remain strong, buoyed by the West’s stand-off with Iran, but braced for a release of strategic stocks by the US, where soaring gasoline prices threaten to derail the economic recovery
Taking on Tehran and the development of nuclear weapons
29 March 2012
Are sanctions really the way the way to stop Iran?
Iranian nuclear becomes threat to oil markets
16 February 2012
Iran’s nuclear ambition remains a threat to global oil markets, but not because of sanctions on its crude exports
Oil price falls as supply fears evaporate
20 January 2012
Crude oil prices fell this week on evaporating fears of supply disruption from Iran and Nigeria, although the market was supported by positive Chinese and US economic data
Strait of Hormuz: the world's LNG choke point
5 January 2012
How, if at all, asks Kwok W Wan, would shutting the Strait of Hormuz affect European gas and Asian LNG prices?
Talk of conflict in Hormuz is a red herring for oil market
5 January 2012
Talk of conflict in the Strait of Hormuz misses the real threat to the global oil market
Iran sanctions threat gives oil price support
15 December 2011
Proposals from the EU and US to impose new sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports are sustaining oil prices, despite growing worries about demand and the health of the world economy
Iran shrugs off new oil-sanctions threat
6 December 2011
New doubts have surfaced in Europe and US over plans to further target Iran’s oil industry. Saudi Arabia holds the key to any ban proposal
UK may join France in call for Iran oil export ban
24 November 2011
Crude import sanctions would hit southern European countries hardest
Crude prices firm on US stock draw and Iran worries
24 November 2011
This week's oil-market report
The last resort for Iran’s oil sector
16 November 2011
With even China and Russia backing away from upstream investment, Iran has further impetus to craft a self-sufficient oil and gas sector
Iraq eyes EU gas exports through Turkey
8 September 2011
Iraq wants to export gas found in the blocks on offer in its fourth licensing round to Europe by pipeline through Turkey and as liquefied natural gas (LNG)
A perfect storm in the Middle East as protests continue
24 February 2011
Backing dictatorships is a cynical strategy, but a policy designed to preserve the steady flow of oil from a volatile region may end up doing the opposite
BP, in Iran-sanctions spotlight, shuts UK Rhum field
14 December 2010
Rhum will remain shut in, BP says, "pending clarification from the UK Government on certain aspects of the new EU regulations concerning restrictive measures against Iran"
Wikileaks stokes tension in the Mideast Gulf
14 December 2010
Hawks in the Mideast Gulf and the US think war with Iran is both necessary and inevitable. But what would this do to the oil price – and the world's economy – asks Miles Lang
Iran feels the pressure of sanctions and self-inflicted problems
29 July 2010
More sanctions make life harder for Iran. But its own disastrous economic management might have worse consequences, write Tom Nicholls and Simon Crompton
Mideast states look for new gas sources as Qatar clams up
1 February 2009
The gas-starved countries of the Mideast Gulf are looking to Iran to satisfy their import needs with several new pipeline schemes. But their prospects are uncertain
Cash the new king of the oil sector
25 November 2008
High commodity prices put resource-rich countries in command and left IOCs scrambling for a strategy. How will falling oil prices and tighter credit affect them and their rivals? Derek Brower reports