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Iran touts new contracts and talks up output plans
8 October 2015
Iran will add at least 500,000 barrels/day to production “within a few months” of sanctions being lifted
Iranian government pessimistic about 2016 oil price rise
16 September 2015
The government of Iran may set the price of oil between $42 and $50 in the state budget beginning March 2016
Iran's nuclear agreement could boost oil market
18 August 2015
Tehran’s mid-July nuclear agreement provides space for its re-entry into the global oil market, and for international oil companies to plant their flags back in the Islamic Republic
Vienna deal brings Iran’s oil back to market
16 July 2015
The clinching of the Iran nuclear deal in Vienna paves the way for the Islamic Republic’s re-emergence into the global oil market – if it gets past its opponents
Iran deal would help domestic firms
9 July 2015
Iran’s bureaucracy has been nervously watching the unfolding negotiations with the P5+1 group of global powers
Oil price may drop another $20 by the end of Q2
18 May 2015
Chairman of the Facts Global Energy consultancy revealed the figures to delegates at AOGC 2015
Time to bring Iranian oil back to the market
25 March 2015
The obsession among oil analysts with the weekly rotary rig count in the US and what it might mean for marginal supply from North America has let a bigger, longer-term obstacle to price recovery emerge almost unseen.
Opportunities will come if Iranian nuclear deal is reached
26 February 2015
The possibility of an Iranian nuclear deal looms over the Gulf’s Arab states. It needn’t be feared, writes Robin Mills
Middle Eastern oil investments key to global supply security
14 November 2014
The International Energy Agency have said global demand will increase to 104m b/d by 2040
Iran’s oil hopes may hinge on Vienna outcome
23 October 2014
The fate of Iran and the sanctions against its oil sector is a wildcard facing Opec as it tries to balance the market. Meetings in the Austrian capital this month should make the picture clearer
Russia and Iran sign 5 year deal for oil cooperation
21 August 2014
The proposed crude deal between Russia and Iran will complicate their relations with the West, argues Anthony Woolich, a partner at law firm Holman Fenwick Willan
Geopolitics on the back burner despite Middle Eastern troubles
20 August 2014
Rosier-than-expected fundamentals are easing oil prices – for now
Progress is slow but countries consider a return to Iran
28 January 2014
Iran is complying with the interim nuclear deal struck in Geneva in November, some light sanctions relief is under way and oil companies are already getting hot under the collar as they plot a return to the country’s upstream
Tehran moots contract changes to attract IOCs
17 December 2013
Iran is preparing for a complete overhaul of its contract model, confident that the improved political atmosphere in light of the P5+1 deal will attract major international firms – so long as the terms are sufficiently inviting, reports James Gavin
Brent falls as Iran reaches deal to halt nuclear enrichment
3 December 2013
Brent and WTI prices fell in November as Iran reached a deal with the international community to halt its nuclear enrichment programme in return for a modest easing of economic sanctions
Possible Iranian nuclear deal with US on the horizon
4 October 2013
Problems still stand in the way, but the mood has shifted
No hope for expansion for National Iranian Oil Company
23 August 2013
Only a thaw in relations in the west can help Iran’s state firm
New Iran president looks for quick gains despite sanctions
8 July 2013
Hassan Rohani is gearing up to choose a new government, with the focus on bringing in capable hands that are comfortable dealing with IOCs
The Middle East is restless due to political troubles
8 July 2013
The upheavals that began in late 2010 have not yet played out, leaving the world's most important oil-producing region on edge
New opportunity for US and Iranian relationship
4 July 2013
Hassan Rohani's election as Iranian president gives both his country and the US a fresh chance to reset their relationship
Politics of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline
18 April 2013
The formal launch of the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project has been billed as part of the solution to Pakistan’s deepening energy crisis. Its success, however, is not just a question of diplomacy
Reports suggest sanctions on Iran aren't working
2 April 2013
Two assessments of the West's strategy to stop Tehran's nuclear programme suggest the outlook is grim
Iran and US edge towards détente as deal looks possible
21 March 2013
Tehran and Washington may be nearing a political deal. But don’t count on a sharp rise in the country’s oil exports just yet
Opec production hits 12-month lows
25 February 2013
Global oil production fell to 90.8 million barrels a day
Tightening the sanctions noose on Iran
30 October 2012
As the US and EU continue to impose additional restrictions on commerce with the Islamic Republic of Iran, companies need to increase their vigilance
Fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq and its energy sector
26 September 2012
Rising production and a deal between Baghdad and the KRG are positive. But fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq