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A greater game
1 March 2005
Chinese and Indian companies are coming into conflict in their search for new sources of oil and gas, with results that will have an impact far beyond their home turf, writes Cris Heaton
Feeling threatened
1 March 2005
Faced with a growing energy shortage, and unable to boost domestic production of oil and gas to any significant extent, India wants to import more gas from the Mideast Gulf and Central Asia, but pipelines from both sources would have to traverse Pakistan, while China appears to want all of Central Asia's gas for itself. Derek Bamber reports
The end of the beginning
1 February 2002
Following a string of departures by several foreign firms from high-profile Indian power projects, there has been some concern that the country’s first steps towards power market reform have already failed. Other projects are now in doubt, but it is too early to write off the country, argues David Townsend