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Report claims vast Indian reserves
6 January 2011
Schlumberger points to reserves 300 times greater than Krishna Godavari
India's deep water blocks only for the bold
14 December 2010
India is offering eight deep-water blocks under its latest licensing round in a bid to lure investors into the country's emerging plays
India targets 'shale-gas era'
11 November 2010
India and the US signed a shale-gas agreement during President Barack Obama’s trip to the country this week, allowing for the exchange of technologies to help develop new unconventional resources
India gears up for first shale auction
28 October 2010
India plans its first shale-gas auction to go ahead next year
Essar advances CBM-power project
28 October 2010
Essar Energy has raised a Rs5.7bn ($128m) loan for a coal-bed methane (CBM) based, gas-fired power project in India
Asia-Pacific's shifting LNG market
28 October 2010
LNG demand in Asia weathered the economic storm, but plans for a trading hub in Singapore could shake-up the region's market, say Susan Farmer, Stefan Ricketts and Ben Smith*
Indian shale-gas plans take shape
21 October 2010
India aims to forge shale-gas agreement with the US
Reliance Marcellus deal a harbinger of more to come
1 September 2010
An agreement to buy more acreage in the Marcellus gives India's Reliance Industries its third slice of the US shale-gas business. It won't be the last deal involving a deep-pocketed Asian investor in North America's unconventional-energy sector
India's tight-gas boost
13 August 2010
India's Cambay field holds 413bn cubic feet (cf) of economically recoverable tight gas, says one of the companies developing the resource. The estimate – based on a nine-month study by a reserves specialist – is a boost to the prospects of India's unconventional-gas industry
ONGC launches Indian shale-gas exploration
4 August 2010
The drilling of India's first shale-gas well could trigger a scramble for unconventional-gas acreage in the country
Asia assesses its shale-gas potential
4 August 2010
Asia's growing economies hope domestic shale-gas resources can solve their energy security concerns
A fundamental threat to oil
1 July 2010
GLOBAL oil demand will peak within six years, says an influential energy analyst. Forecasts of relentless consumption growth in China are wrong, claims Peter Tertzakian, head of Arc Financial, an energy-focused private-equity firm and an authority on global energy markets. And oil's dominance of the transportation market will be eroded by the growth of alternative energy sources
Energy project finance: an improving, but still fragile, market
2 June 2010
The success of large, recent financing deals, such as Nord Stream and PNG LNG, show the project-finance market can deliver in uncertain economic times, writes Ian Lewis
Asia assesses its shale-gas potential
4 May 2010
Asia's growing economies hope domestic shale-gas resources can solve their energy security concerns, writes Ian Lewis
Scramble for assets goes global
1 February 2008
As the scramble for oil and gas assets intensifies, international oil companies need to adapt to two related challenges: the resurgence of resource nationalism and stiffer competition from national oil companies as they expand beyond their borders. Alex Forbes reports
Chilling vision of global warming
25 November 2007
Our chances of successfully tackling climate change before damage to the environment becomes irreversible are worsening. So says the IEA in its most worrying World Energy Outlook ever. Alex Forbes reports
Home and away
1 July 2005
With GDP growth running at about 8% a year India's economy is booming. That is forcing the authorities to focus on how to meet future energy demand. Other South Asian countries are equally keen to secure energy supplies, writes Martin Clark
Picking through the crumbs
1 April 2005
Flushed with Cairn Energy's success, the firm's exploration director, Mike Watts, takes great enjoyment at industry conferences in putting up a map of Southeast Asia showing the huge number of wells drilled across the region by the biggest seven oil companies in the world. The red dots outside India total 8,000. Inside the country? Well, it's somewhat fewer – 12. Steve Hawkes reports.
A greater game
1 March 2005
Chinese and Indian companies are coming into conflict in their search for new sources of oil and gas, with results that will have an impact far beyond their home turf, writes Cris Heaton
Feeling threatened
1 March 2005
Faced with a growing energy shortage, and unable to boost domestic production of oil and gas to any significant extent, India wants to import more gas from the Mideast Gulf and Central Asia, but pipelines from both sources would have to traverse Pakistan, while China appears to want all of Central Asia's gas for itself. Derek Bamber reports
The end of the beginning
1 February 2002
Following a string of departures by several foreign firms from high-profile Indian power projects, there has been some concern that the country’s first steps towards power market reform have already failed. Other projects are now in doubt, but it is too early to write off the country, argues David Townsend