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LNG set to slake Asia’s energy thirst
21 October 2013
Demand for natural gas in the Asia Pacific region is projected to expand at 3.9% per year, hitting 1.46 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) by 2035, up from 566 million toe in 2010, driving demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in gas-short Asia
India to allow onshore shale exploration
26 September 2013
The country's state-run energy companies have been given the go-ahead from the government to develop shale gas and oil
Reliance-BP venture opens new Indian gas play
9 September 2013
The latest find is in the Cauvery basin, off the east coast of India
India's bold move to increase domestic gas prices
3 July 2013
India's government is set to increase domestic gas prices in a move applauded by analysts and the industry
Funding the oil sands
20 June 2013
Foreign investors, led by China and India, will underpin more development in Alberta
Indian gas find offers glimmer of hope for country
4 June 2013
The new gas play off India's eastern coast offers hope for the gas-short nation
Pricing reform could tempt investors to India's energy sector
20 May 2013
Despite its potential, major companies have largely shied away from India’s upstream sector. But they could be tempted if the government implements pricing reform
Asia will dominate the global LNG market
13 May 2013
Post-Fukushima Japan, China and a number of other fast-growing Asian countries will need much more frozen gas in the coming decades
India loses lustre as LNG demand growth slips
13 March 2013
Forecasts for LNG demand growth in India have been scaled back while Southeast Asian markets take focus
ConocoPhillips to tap Indian shale
6 December 2012
US independent ConocoPhillips is nearing a deal with India’s state-backed Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) to explore and develop shale-gas resources in the Asian nation
Reliance-BP score D6 victory with Indian government approval
16 August 2012
Duo under pressure to prove Krishna-Godavari basin field’s worth
India on track for debut shale round
1 August 2012
India’s long-awaited first shale-gas licensing round is set for launch by the end of 2013
India has potential to be a major gas importer
24 May 2012
With brand new liquefied natural gas infrastructure and new pipelines opening, India has the potential to be a major gas importer. But the government faces a dilemma which may scupper its gas ambitions. Does it deliver much-needed market reform or does it protect millions of citizens living below the poverty line?
India’s gas prices: Two systems, one country
12 April 2012
There are two gas-pricing mechanisms in India: the Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM) and the regime included in the New Exploration Licensing Policy (Nelp)
Pakistan confirms commitment to the TAPI pipeline
12 April 2012
Delegates to the Asia Gas Partnership Summit in New Delhi broke into applause after Pakistan confirmed its commitment to the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline
India sector stuck in the slow lane
29 February 2012
Shale gas has the potential to help meet India’s rising energy demand, but the sector's development has been stymied by the government’s lack of progress in formulating policy for unconventional resources
India’s CBM producers in pricing spat with government
29 February 2012
A wrangle over coal-bed methane (CBM) pricing has become a flash point between private unconventional operators and India’s oil ministry
Reliance steps up CBM output
7 February 2012
India’s Reliance Industries is primed to pump 3.5 million cubic metres a day (cm/d) of gas from two coal-bed methane (CBM) blocks in central India by the second half of 2014
Reliance’s CBM pricing battle
25 January 2012
The war of words between Reliance Industries and the Indian government over coal-bed methane (CBM) pricing is heating up
Further delay for Indian shale gas
4 January 2012
India’s first shale-gas auction will be delayed by at least another year
Indian shale gas: get the policy right or fail
7 November 2011
Access to pipeline infrastructure and consistent treatment of investors are vital
Slow start for Indian shale gas
5 October 2011
Decade to exploit huge shale-gas potential says Gail head
South China Sea exploration plans stoke Chinese fire
28 September 2011
China has slammed joint upstream exploration between India and Vietnam in a hotly disputed area of the South China Sea
Essar to export CBM expertise
28 September 2011
Indian Essar is on the hunt for overseas coal-bed methane (CBM) opportunities as it seeks to capitalise on its experience garnered developing the unconventional fuel at home.
Indian fertiliser feeds huge gas-import growth
8 September 2011
Government demands for a switch to natural gas in urea production will further boost Indian demand, but domestic output cannot keep up with soaring consumption
The West’s self-destructive oil demand
1 August 2011
The billions of dollars flowing to oil producers from insatiable Western consumers are restricting economic growth. Something has to give