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Horizontal drilling comes to the UK, but fracking must wait
6 April 2018
Pioneering driller Cuadrilla is optimistic over shale gas well prospects
UK awards first fracking license in five years
2 June 2016
Independent firm Third Energy has been awarded the first UK license for hydraulic fracturing since 2011. It’s a boost for the nascent industry but don’t expect an imminent shale gas revolution
CEOs criticise European laws on hydraulic fracking
30 June 2015
The controversial technology was slammed in Paris at the World Gas Conference
Protect technology development secrets warn legal experts
7 February 2015
Refinements in fracturing technologies are expanding the technique's potential, but as energy companies work on further developments, Jonathan Ball, Barclay Nicholson, Jayme Partridge and Mark Sajewycz argue they need to be mindful of protecting their intellectual property assets in order to remain competitive
Ineos will pay communities 6% of shale gas revenues
13 October 2014
Yet the public remains sceptical of the hydraulic fracturing project
US will remain bedrock of global shale supply for decades
21 August 2014
Despite patchy opposition to hydraulic fracturing, US output will remain the bedrock of global unconventional supply for decades
Germany proposes partial fracking ban
10 July 2014
Recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine have prompted a number of European countries to pledge to cut their reliance on Russian gas supplies by developing domestic resources
Wintershall’s frack attack
26 March 2014
Germany's hydraulic fracturing (fracking) moratorium could damage the country’s industrial base – and place its energy security in jeopardy, Rainer Seele, the chairman of oil and gas company Wintershall claimed
UK leads Europe’s shale pack
9 January 2014
Government backing, generous tax breaks and world-class reserves should make the UK a major unconventional gas producer
Ignore the protesters at your peril
19 December 2013
Hard-core opposition to fracking isn’t going away. But transparency and engagement can win approval for shale gas from the broader public
European governments hesitant to allow fracking
5 December 2013
Despite their struggling economies, some European governments are hesitant about shale gas development
Accurate mapping vital for hydraulic fracturing
19 November 2013
Modelling can not only help companies minimise exploration risk, and boost production, it can significantly improve a project's economics
Fracking poses little health risk to UK public, says report
31 October 2013
Shale-gas development poses little risk to public health, according to a new report by the UK government
Shale a boon for US economy
5 September 2013
A new report says unconventional oil and gas production will bring long-term benefits to the manufacturing and energy sectors in addition to reducing the country's deficit
Have you got a fracking clue?
23 August 2013
A small group of anti-fracking protesters glued themselves to the front door of the London building which houses the offices of Cuadrilla Resources' PR firm Bell Pottinge.
George Mitchell leaves larger-than-life legacy
19 August 2013
The godfather of fracking passes away aged 94
Get fracking
5 July 2013
Central England believes the British Geological Survey is sitting on shale-gas resources that probably amount to 1,300 trillion cubic feet
Fracking poses little earthquake risk, study finds
11 April 2013
Hydraulic fracturing (fracking), the drilling technique widely used in shale oil and gas development, does not pose a significant risk of causing earthquakes large enough to be felt on the surface, according to a new study by the University of Durham
The film Promised Land fails to deliver
16 January 2013
Matt Damon attempts to take on the controversies surrounding hydraulic fracturing and the US’s booming gas industry – but his latest film misses its target
MEPs reject European fracking ban, call for tighter regulations
22 November 2012
European lawmakers remain bitterly divided over shale oil and gas development, but they have rejected calls to impose an EU-wide moratorium on exploration
Chinese services players eye shale bonanza
2 October 2012
China’s oilfield-service companies are poised to benefit from the coming wave of investment in the nation’s shale-gas sector over the next decade
Brazil considers unconventional future
20 September 2012
Brazil holds potentially vast unconventional gas resources in basins across the country, but exploration remains at the very early stages and the country’s regulatory framework must be improved before progress can be made, a top official at the ANP, Brazil’s upstream regulator, has said
South Africa lifts shale gas ban
12 September 2012
South Africa has lifted its 18-month moratorium on shale-gas exploration, opening the door for Shell and others to start early-stage exploration work in the Karoo basin, but warned that the country’s regulations need to be bolstered before full exploration – including hydraulic fracturing (fracking) – is allowed to go ahead
Czech Republic nears fracking moratorium
6 September 2012
The Czech Republic appears to be moving towards a moratorium on shale-gas exploration as ministers plan to meet in October to discuss a proposed two-year ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) while the country seeks to tighten environmental regulations on the controversial drilling practice
Western Australia tightens regulations
4 September 2012
The Western Australian government has introduced new environmental regulations that force operators to inform the public of the nature of chemicals used to drill unconventional wells in the state
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