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Some gas progress, but oil still stalled
1 June 2000
It is more than a year since United Nations sanctions were suspended and the authorities said they wanted to attract foreign investment, but high hopes for the development of a new, investment-welcoming Libya have yet to be realised.
Becoming a core area
1 June 2000
Russia doesn’t like the competition
1 April 2000
Just when it looks like Turkmenistan is about to make the breakthrough into Western gas markets, the Russians make them an offer that they will have difficulty in refusing, reports Isabel Gorst from Ashkabad
Restructuring works
1 March 2000
In order to pursue its objective of becoming the leading gas chain player, BG had to combine and free up its upstream and downstream gas operations.
Let’s try again
1 February 2000
The authorities have improved the fiscal terms for the hydrocarbons sector in an effort to enhance the prospects for a new licensing round after the failure of the third round, reports Michael Sterling from Cape Town
Premier Oil’s commitment to making a difference
1 December 1999
By Dr Richard Jones, Manager of Global Social Responsibilities, Premier Oil
Welcome allcomers
1 September 1999
While several of its producing neighbours still appear unconvinced by the merits of foreign investment, Egypt’s recent deals with overseas companies suggest the country has embraced outside aid.
Awaiting an upturn in development prospects
1 August 1999
Higher oil prices have brought many of the North Sea’s deferred development prospects back into play. But doubts about whether prices will hold, together with the uncertainties of the industry’s corporate turmoil, are making operators reluctant to commit to new spending.
The UK’s Network Code – an update
1 August 1999
The frequently updated Network Code governs the relationship between the owner of the transmission system and the users of the system.