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Breaking the mould
1 April 2002
Subsea production technology, itself a cornerstone of the ultra-deep-water revolution, is breaking the mould elsewhere in the offshore business. The age of the ultra-long tie-back has arrived and is realising the dream of producing distant offshore reserves remotely from shore, writes Dan Rigden
US upstream spending set to plunge
1 February 2002
Upstream oil and gas spending in North America, especially by the independents, is set to fall sharply this year, outweighing growth elsewhere. Overall, analysts expect a modest fall in global exploration and production spending, writes Tom Nicholls
A first-timer for the Philippines
1 February 2002
At the beginning of this year the 1-GW Santa Rita power station, near Batangas, on the island of Luzon, started full commercial operation, becoming the Philippines’ first gas-fired plant to enter service. It will be joined in the second quarter of the year by the 500-MW San Lorenzo plant, with both plants fuelled by gas from Shell’s Malampaya field, reports Derek Bamber
Gas on the horizon for oil firms
1 December 2001
Traditionally, Russia’s oil and gas industries have stood apart and economic changes of the past decade have in some ways widened the gulf between them, writes Isabel Gorst.
Malampaya powers ahead
1 November 2001
Gazprom and Rosneft team up
1 November 2001
The buy-back debate
1 September 2001
Eni’s recent oil deal with Iran suggests the country’s controversial buy-back agreements for oil and gas projects are becoming more palatable to international energy companies. However, political infighting and the failure of a revised foreign-investment law to win General Council approval suggest there is still strong resistance to changing the terms of the buy-back agreements in favour of the overseas firms. David Townsend reports
Bright spots in a cloudy future
1 July 2001
The brightest spot in the region, excluding Nigeria, is clearly Angola, which continues to attract the heavy hitters in the exploration and production business. But the outlook for most of the other regional players is clouded in doubts, even though a few sizeable discoveries are still being made – there just are not enough of them, reports Derek Bamber
A change in focus
1 June 2001
With two big mergers in the bag, French oil giant TotalFinaElf says it will raise hydrocarbons output by 6% this year and 9% in 2002 as major new resources come on stream. The company is ploughing a big chunk of its 2001 budget into upstream activities, extending its reach in gas and power and putting the Middle East at the core of its strategy, writes Tom Nicholls.
GTLs: grand schemes, but little progress
1 May 2001
Vast reserves of stranded natural gas around the world continue to offer the gas industry the challenge of bringing them to market. Monetising the reserves in the form of exportable liquefied natural gas is the most popular option, but the gas-to-liquids (GTLs) industry is gaining momentum – as the recent batch of proposals shows – writes Derek Brower
Rave reviews
1 December 2000
Shell liquidates its assets
1 November 2000
Royal Dutch Shell announced last month that it would step up its commitment to gas-to-liquids. Building on the success of its commercial prototype plant in Sarawak, Malaysia, the group believes its technology can give it a lead in a nascent industry that will enable the world’s reserves of gas to supply its growing demand for clean fuels. Derek Brower went to Bintulu to find out more