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Bullish Gazprom plots way forward
1 January 2008
While politicians in Europe debate how to deal with Gazprom, the Russian company is extending its influence over its most important market. And it will not tolerate meddlers
Getting the gas to Europe
1 October 2007
Investment in new and existing energy infrastructure, re-balancing the relationship with its suppliers and controlling demand are all necessary if the EU is to achieve its goals of reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy security and promoting market liberalisation, writes Derek Brower
Heart of the matter
1 May 2007
With rising demand for its gas at home and abroad can Russia really supply all of its customers? Derek Brower reports
Set gas free
1 May 2007
LNG the only option as regional gas supply falters
1 May 2007
Brazil, Mexico and Chile, are turning to LNG imports to meet soaring demand for gas and they are prepared to pay a premium to secure steady supplies, writes Robert Cauclanis
Environment comes off second best
1 May 2006
The Norwegian government's plan to open up the Barents Sea has been widely viewed as a political compromise that pleases neither environmentalists, nor oil firms, Ayesha Daya reports from Norway
Going down
1 January 2006
With no new world-scale oilfields discovered in the last five years, companies are looking elsewhere to meet their pressing reserves-replacement targets, reports Martin Clark
East Africa: new frontiers
1 January 2006
In contrast to west Africa, exploration activity in east Africa has been limited. But the prospect of a deep-water well this year off the coast of Kenya reflects a gradual increase in interest in this quiet corner of Africa, writes Martin Clark
Rajasthan: significant exploration potential
1 January 2006
Energy firms have largely ignored the Indian subcontinent for the past 15 years, but Cairn's spectacular exploration success in Rajasthan has encouraged the majors to return to India, writes NJ Watson
Russia: Dash for liquefied gas
1 July 2004
With the cost of liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing and transport falling, Russia's remote gas reserves are, for the first time, being viewed as possible sources for LNG projects. The US is seen as the market of choice. Isabel Gorst reports
An ultra-deep-water alternative
1 April 2004
A uniquely shaped semisubmersible drilling and production platform, called Octabuoy, could rival spars, tension leg platforms (TLPs) and conventional semisubmersibles as the floating production system of choice for developing ultra-deep-water fields. Its name is derived from the octagonal ring pontoon that keeps the structure afloat and supports four columns and the topside facility. Anne Feltus reports
Libya’s oil still tantalises
1 March 2004
Tripoli wants to accelerate the award of exploration territory. A new ? fourth ? version of the country?s Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (Epsa-4) is to be introduced in the first half of this year; blocks are to be offered for bids individually, instead of in large packages; bid procedures will be made more transparent; a new model contract will be drawn up; and National Oil Corporation (NOC) is to be reorganised, Martin Quinlan writes