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Opening Russia’s gas market after liberalisation of LNG exports
30 May 2014
Domestic liberalisation is a boon to the country’s large independent suppliers and is busting open Gazprom’s monopoly on exports
The next decade to hold greater international flows of gas
29 May 2014
Manas Satapathy, Nuri Demirdoven, Al Escher, and Muqsit Ashraf, of SBC, take a look at global gas markets over the next decade
Myanmar hands out 20 offshore exploration blocks
14 May 2014
Previously off limits, Myanmar is entering a new era as it opens up the keenly sought after area of Asia
Poland shale gas reform fuelled by E&P needs
30 April 2014
The country hopes to tempt operators back to its upstream industry to encourage exploration
Oil Search lands stake in PNG Elk and Antelope LNG fields
22 April 2014
The company has trumped the majors in the Papua New Guinea deal
LNG market shaken by emerging supply sources
17 April 2014
Factors affecting the future of global LNG supply are numerous and unpredictable, encompassing infrastructure development, financing, political risk and pricing. But, one way or another, it all comes back to what happens in the US
Asian buyers' uncertainty over LNG heightens supply-side risks
3 April 2014
Asian buyers' growing hesitation about committing to new long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects has heightened supply-side risks, while putting a squeeze on potential supplies post-2020
Natural gas is a bridge, not a destination
20 March 2014
Abundant gas reserves are here to stay. But can the world afford to burn them all?
Western conflict with Russia could seal China gas supply deal
17 March 2014
Western threats against Russian energy give China the perfect chance to seal a long-term gas supply deal on good terms
Pakistan eyes cut-price Qatari LNG to avoid crisis
13 February 2014
Gulf supplies look set to help satisfy the country's rising domestic gas demand
Gazprom losing its gas grip on Europe
31 January 2014
The company's grip over European gas markets is loosening because of weak demand and its shrinking share of Russia's domestic energy market, industry leaders said
Russia focused on conventional gas projects
5 December 2013
With the world’s largest reserves of conventional gas, the country can afford to leave shale gas in the ground
Nigeria’s downstream chaos could sink planned refinery sale
21 November 2013
The country's four struggling refineries are to be privatised
UK fossil fuel output tumbles by over 9%
26 September 2013
The UK's total energy production fell by more than 9% in the second quarter of 2013, according to government data
US gas imports tumble as shale booms
24 July 2013
Imports fall to the lowest level in more than 20 years as companies line up to export the country's shale bounty
Hopefuls queue up for slice of Mozambique gas
13 May 2013
The world's largest new gas province is offering prospects in Mozambique LNG
Panic over UK gas supplies is unnecessary
28 March 2013
The panic over dwindling fuel supplies and possible rationing is just that. The lights are going to stay on for a long time yet
UK's vast shale gas stash could slash Europe gas prices
31 January 2013
The UK has vast shale-gas reserves that could cause domestic and European natural gas prices to tumble, according to a new report, due for release in the next few months
Clock ticking on China-Russia gas supply deal talks
16 January 2013
Russia still hopes to strike a gas supply deal with China – vital if the country’s strategic shift from Europe to Asia is to succeed. But, as Justin Jacobs argues, Russia needs to act quickly or miss out on the opportunity
Renewables’ rise alters gas energy equation
8 June 2012
The way in which gas is used is set to change fast, as the fuel develops into a natural partner for renewable energy, delegates at the World Gas Conference were told
Gas golden age hinges on frack standards
6 June 2011
IEA sees unconventional future depending on wider acceptance
BP, in Iran-sanctions spotlight, shuts UK Rhum field
14 December 2010
Rhum will remain shut in, BP says, "pending clarification from the UK Government on certain aspects of the new EU regulations concerning restrictive measures against Iran"
El Paso secures midstream finance
9 December 2010
Private-equity house Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) is investing around $0.625bn in a partnership with Houston-based El Paso to develop gas-processing plants and pipelines
Sluggish demand, low prices, weigh on US shale-gas developers – AGA
4 November 2010
US markets struggle with high natural gas reserves, pushing down prices
Trinidad gas boom under threat
1 December 2008
Trinidad and Tobago must find more gas if it is to expand its export business and local gas-based industries
Alaska gas plans advance
1 December 2008
Competition to construct a pipeline to deliver gas from the Arctic to US markets is intensifying