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CO2 shrugs off the Covid-19 slump
28 May 2020
Future policy assumptions support the EU ETS after initial hit
EU must reform Emissions Trading Scheme to boost gas industry
13 November 2013
The European Union (EU) must reform the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to boost natural gas demand and push coal out of the continent's energy mix, industry leaders say
Economic downturn derailing the fight against climate change
10 January 2013
WEF has warned that climate change is placing increasing amounts of stress on global economies
Aviation collects its ETS boarding pass
28 October 2010
The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has received a boost from an apparent shift in attitude by the airline industry that could lead to the inclusion of aviation emissions in the ETS
UK: The new government's green-energy agenda
2 June 2010
RENEWABLE energy firms struggling to find both private- and public-sector funding will have perked up on news of the new UK coalition government's extensive environmental agenda
Hedge your bets
1 February 2008
The carbon fighters
1 October 2007
To meet its ambitious emissions targets, the UK's government and its companies need innovation and guidance. The Carbon Trust says it offers both. Derek Brower reports