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Shale oil's new calculus
27 March 2018
Will producers chase growth or profits?
Riding the shale rail
4 April 2011
Bakken producers take to the tracks; pipeline capacity also on the rise
Canadian shale-to-LNG project advances
16 December 2010
First Canadian LNG exports from 2015; Kitimat LNG secures environmental approval
Newfield buys into Marcellus
18 November 2010
EOG Resources has signed an agreement to sell around 50,000 acres in Bradfield County, Pennsylvania, to Newfield Exploration
Shell, Nexen back Canada LNG export plan
4 November 2010
Shell and Nexen have joined the fold of companies supporting the export of production from Canada’s emerging shale-gas plays to Asian markets
Reliance Industries wants a bigger North American shale-gas position
7 September 2010
India's Reliance Industries, which has already made three shale-gas purchases in the US this year, may try to buy Texas's EOG Resources, or another North American gas specialist as it seeks to expand its position in the continent's unconventional-energy sector, according to a report from India