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International Gas Union sets focus on Africa’s gas realms
10 July 2012
Khaled Abubakr speaks to Ian Lewis about the growing importance of Africa’s gas
East Mediterranean’s new play gets hotter
4 April 2012
Israel’s burgeoning gas reserves could transform a region
2011: A year that defied predictions
21 December 2011
Anyone who, a year ago, said 2011 would see civil war in Libya; Muammar Qadhafi toppled and executed; revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a revolt in Syria; the quashing of a rebellion in Bahrain by Saudi Arabia; a new nuclear crisis; the near-collapse of the Eurozone; and a renewed pessimism in the global economy should be a candidate for some kind of Nobel prize
Johnny West's book on understanding the Arab Spring
23 September 2011
Johnny West’s book gives a street view of why a region erupted. It’s an essential guide to North Africa’s Berlin Wall moment
North-south divide hinders Africa’s shale-gas potential
7 April 2011
Sub-Sahara lags behind northern neighbours
Libya on the brink as protests sweep across Mena
24 February 2011
Anti-government protests are sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East, bringing uncertainty for oil and gas investors and markets
Brent crude soars on Middle East unrest
24 February 2011
Unrest in the Middle East and rising demand forecasts from Opec and the IEA have combined to push oil prices to their highest levels since the spike of 2008
BP deal suggests end to Egyptian gas-export freeze
29 July 2010
A ground-breaking deal with BP makes way for development of the Raven gasfield – and might mark the end of Egypt's two-year freeze on new gas-export agreements
Egypt: New refinery closes in on $2.3bn debt package
2 June 2010
A GRASS-roots Egyptian refining project has accumulated $2.3bn in debt financing from a consortium led by Asian lenders
Egypt to spend $3bn on E&P this year
1 February 2010
Egypt plans to invest $3bn in the Nile Delta and Mediterranean Sea
Plenty more from Africa
1 November 2008
Africa's LNG export capacity – already more than a quarter of the world total – could double over the coming five years, with more to come after that if plans under discussion firm up. The main brakes on development are rising construction costs and, in Nigeria, security concerns, Martin Quinlan writes
Egypt opts for pragmatism
1 March 2008
The Egyptian government says it will pay more for gas produced from deep water. Will that trigger a new era of development in the country's offshore? Derek Brower reports
Gas export capacity rising fast
1 March 2005
North Africa's gas-export capacity is a third higher than at this time last year and is set to rise by an additional 47% – possibly more – over the next four years. In recent months, Libya and Egypt have become substantial gas exporters, joining dominant Algeria. All three countries see prospects for increasing their exports to the expanding gas markets of Europe and the US, Martin Quinlan writes