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Ecuador reverses fuel subsidy decision
15 October 2019
Government backtracks after seizure of key oil fields and infrastructure decimate production
Ecuador: In a hurry to mend the past
15 October 2018
After a decade marred by corruption and legal disputes, Ecuador’s reformist government wants a more investment-friendly exploration regime
Ecuador: Holding steady on Opec cuts
15 May 2018
No plans for an uptick in investment and production in the immediate future
Gulf members try to shore up Opec's credibility
26 July 2017
But a pathway out of the cuts is still not clear
Ecuador muddling on
26 July 2017
The South American producer needs an overhaul to spur new oil growth. Its new president isn't likely to deliver
Can Opec get its mojo back in St Petersburg?
19 July 2017
Ecuador is doing what other members wish to—ditching a supply deal that has become more painful than gainful. Saudi Arabia needs to revive momentum
China's oil loans run into trouble
5 April 2017
China extended much credit to secure oil supplies. Now it needs borrowers to start repaying
South America's desperados
13 February 2017
Latin America's two Opec members needed the deal to cut and Venezuela will probably shed even more output than it agreed
Ecuador fights Chevron in Canada over environmental damage
9 September 2015
Chevron's long battle to beat back a $9.5bn Ecuadorian judgment against it over environmental damage in the Amazon has taken one step forward and another back
Ecuador cannot afford falling prices or an Opec output cut
23 October 2014
Opec’s smallest group has limited sway over policy
Book "Law of the Jungle" tells of corruption in Ecuador
20 October 2014
Paul Barrett reveals a tale of oil, pollution, intrigue and corruption in Ecuador in his new book. Review by Justin Jacobs
Latin America struggles with energy integration
15 October 2013
Though the continent has plenty of energy resources, integrating them into a trans-continental energy network remains an elusive goal for the region’s governments
Changes for Ecuador's oil companies as China brings help
23 August 2013
Ecuador's state oil companies have restructured, there's new acreage, and China is bringing much needed funding
Ecuador abandons deal to keep Amazon oil in the ground
20 August 2013
Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa said this week that his government is pulling out of a deal to keep oilfields in an environmentally sensitive swathe of the Amazon untouched
Ecuador’s oil industry struggling to find its way
18 May 2012
Resource nationalism has returned to the fore in Latin America following the government takeover of YPF in Argentina
Ecuador's diminishing attraction to upstream oil investors
14 December 2010
The latest wave of resource nationalism will hit Ecuador's oil-production outlook and deter badly needed investors
Ecuador clashes with foreign oil, again
1 September 2010
Ecuador's uneasy relationship with foreign oil firms has again slipped towards threats and recriminations, complicating the smallest Opec nation's production outlook
Opec: time for new blood
1 January 2007
Ecuador: All change
1 June 2005
More investment needed
1 September 2004
Faced with a mountain of foreign debt, Ecuador needs new private-sector investment if it is to keep raising oil production—a cornerstone of government revenues. But foreign firms are still wary of the unstable Andean nation, writes Robert Olson