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3 March 2020
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27 February 2020
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13 February 2020
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2 February 2020
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29 November 2019
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15 November 2019
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15 November 2019
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New systems, new cyber threats
12 November 2019
Threat actors constantly remain one step ahead of those seeking to prevent malicious attacks
Predicting is the future
25 October 2019
Predictive maintenance can reduce costly unplanned downtime by 45pc, according to Lloyd’s Register
Digitalisation can ‘amplify’ oil & gas operator bias
20 October 2019
Technology can bring huge benefits, but the human aspect of implementation could be the most problematic factor
New technology holds upstream key
24 May 2019
Digitalisation is more than a buzzword in the efforts to get costs down and projects started
Building growth strategies on shifting sands
21 May 2019
Supply and demand fundamentals are being disrupted by trade tensions and uncertainties over the energy transition
Disruption shapes oil and gas M&A at a time of oil price volatility
18 December 2018
Technology's growing importance in building resilience to volatility means that digital capabilities will likely be a notable driver of acquisitions in 2019