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EV market accelerates on cost parity
19 September 2018
Not everyone is a friend of electric vehicles, but the sector is on a roll that will be hard to stop
City bans propel diesel's demise in Europe
1 March 2018
With urban pollution rising up the political agenda, high emissions and a poor public image could prove terminal for the road fuel
Storms gather for refiners
5 October 2017
Oil will remain the lifeblood of the transport sector for years, but refiners must prepare for its slow demise
Diesel in the money again
8 July 2016
Fuel stocks are easing and margins rising, though the rally might be short
Refiners' margin call
8 June 2016
They made hay while the sun shone, but rain is on the way
Diesel demand heading east
25 February 2016
As Europeans are falling out of love with diesel, market share elsewhere will keep rising
VW scandals contribute to changing perception of diesel
7 December 2015
Faulty tests and emissions scandals could prove yet another headache for Europe’s refiners
Think tanks encourage Caribbean to move away from fuel oil
24 April 2014
High imported diesel prices make renewable energy competitive in the Caribbean
New rules for diesel in frac fluids
5 May 2011
With the use of diesel in the fracing process under fire, the EPA is revising its position
An enduring spectacle – with a serious side
1 August 2008
Le Mans has been described as a "24-hour party with one hell of a race attached". But there is more to it than that. For the companies behind the racing teams it's a chance to try out engineering and fuels in a gruelling and very public arena, writes Alex Forbes
The subsidisers' dilemma
1 July 2008
Fuel subsidies around the world are distorting the oil market. But with oil prices now so high, something has to give. Derek Brower reports