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Fracking tsar quits after government inaction
3 May 2019
The UK shale gas industry has long struggled to gain traction and sees no green light in sight
Tremors run through UK fracking industry
24 January 2019
Cuadrilla’s UK fracking resumption has been a stop-start affair
UK resumes fracking after seven-year hiatus
23 October 2018
Fracking is underway again in northern England, but don’t expect a US-style shale boom any time soon
UK shale sector seeks revival
21 March 2018
Sentiment towards fracking remains lukewarm
Cuadrilla appeals Lancashire council decision
23 July 2015
The UK explorer is challenging the council's decision to refuse permission to explore gas in two sites in the county
UK shale sector under attack
29 January 2015
Explorers in the UK’s nascent shale-gas sector face the prospect of tighter country-wide regulation, as well as a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in Scotland, moves which will, at the very least, further delay the industry’s long-awaited take-off
Is the UK the best shale bet in Europe?
20 January 2014
With exploration stalled in mainland Europe, the UK government's unconventionals push has opened a new frontier for investors and E&P companies alike.
Total enters UK shale scene
13 January 2014
UK leads Europe’s shale pack
9 January 2014
Government backing, generous tax breaks and world-class reserves should make the UK a major unconventional gas producer
Fracked off
29 August 2013
UK protests are more about fears over the future of renewable energy than unconventionals
Have you got a fracking clue?
23 August 2013
A small group of anti-fracking protesters glued themselves to the front door of the London building which houses the offices of Cuadrilla Resources' PR firm Bell Pottinge.
Delays for Spain's unconventional plans
10 July 2013
Spain's unconventional plans are delayed, while in the UK, Cuadrilla considers six new sites for fracking
Environmental opposition ‘likely to hinder UK shale-gas sector’
1 November 2012
Shale-gas production in the UK could account for just 2% of the country’s natural gas demand by 2030, experts said, claiming environmental opposition could hinder development
More setbacks for European shale
10 May 2012
Shale-gas exploration is facing further setbacks across Europe after governments in the Czech Republic and Romania moved to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and reports emerged of opposition to the technique mounting within the German government
UK shale showing signs of life
12 April 2012
The UK’s nascent shale-gas sector is showing signs of turning around after grinding to a halt last year when Cuadrilla Resources was suspected of setting off a series of tremors while hydraulically fracturing (fracking) a well in northern England
Bowland shale-gas bounty for IGas
26 January 2012
IGas Energy has hit a thick seam of shale holding gas at its Ince Marches acreage in northwest England’s Bowland basin, the same region where Cuadrilla Resources made the UK’s first large shale gas discovery
Fracking safe, say UK geologists
12 January 2012
Leading UK geologists say hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is “very unlikely” to cause methane contamination of groundwater, adding that two earth tremors triggered by exploration last year were too small to cause damage
UK shale war heats up
24 November 2011
Exploitation of the UK’s shale-gas reserves could lead to a rapid rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and cause the country to miss its longer-term climate change targets
No threat from fracking tremors
2 November 2011
Report commissioned by UK firm Cuadrilla
Shale gas vs renewables: a battle for Britain
2 November 2011
Environmentalists and lobbyists face to face in London
Cuadrilla unveils huge new UK gas resources
21 September 2011
The company has drilled two wells so far and is in the process of drilling another
Shale-gas drilling comes to Liverpool
3 August 2011
Drilling scheduled to start next week at Banks shale-gas operation
UK tremors amplify unfair perception of fracking
6 July 2011
Cuadrilla Resources is in the media spotlight because of concerns that fracking operations in the UK caused earthquakes. CEO Mark Miller says this isn’t the case
UK gas-price hike good news for shale
15 June 2011
Scottish Power plans to raise domestic UK gas and electricity prices by 19% and 10%
UK calls for halt to shale drilling
27 January 2011
Labour party demands safety tests be conducted
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