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Beach thinks big in Cooper shale-gas basin
10 August 2011
Resources booked equal to more than 330 million barrels of oil equivalent
‘Red hot’ shale-oil play needs investment
8 August 2011
The US’ huge shale-oil potential needs a step-up in drilling activity says Nighthawk Energy
Australian LNG projects scramble for CBM resources
1 August 2011
The race is on to be Australia’s first CBM-LNG exporter, but an obstacle has been dropped on the course
Australia’s shale-gas journey begins
21 July 2011
The first shale-gas well in Australia was an ‘historic’ success and the sector has drawn ConocoPhillips’s investment. But the road to commercial development remains uncertain
ConocoPhillips hopes less is more as it cuts downstream assets
21 July 2011
ConocoPhillips is cutting free its volatile downstream assets and returning to its E&P core. Does this mark the beginning of the end for the vertically integrated oil-company model?
Cenovus clears oil-sands expansion hurdle
27 April 2011
Regulatory clearance to add another 120,000 b/d to Christina Lake
ConocoPhillips shrinks in order to grow
1 July 2010
Like many of its peers, ConocoPhillips is reinventing itself along more unconventional lines, writes NJ Watson
ConocoPhillips faces Shah gas decision
4 May 2010
The sponsors of Abu Dhabi's Shah sour-gas development face tough choices over the commercial basis of the deal, reports James Gavin
Alaska gas plans advance
1 December 2008
Competition to construct a pipeline to deliver gas from the Arctic to US markets is intensifying
CSG 4 LNG: a fine romance?
1 November 2008
The majors are fighting over coal-seam gas, conventional natural gas' ugly sister. But how long will the infatuation last? Ian Lewis writes
Responding to market needs
1 June 2007
Saudi Aramco is revising its downstream ambitions. It claims it may be involved in a quarter of additions to global refining capacity in the next five years. James Gavin writes
LNG: US moves offshore
1 April 2005
The US Energy Information Agency (EIA) expects domestic gas production to reach 20.5 trillion cubic feet (cf) by 2010, well below the 26.2 trillion cf demand it forecasts for the same year. As the US increasingly turns to imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) to help close the supply/demand gap, energy companies have revealed plans to construct more than 40 facilities to store and regasify LNG, writes Anne Feltus
The lumbering giant. Interview with Leonid Fedun, vice-president
1 December 2004
With the second-largest reserves of any privately owned oil company, Lukoil has massive untapped assets. Yukos' demise has returned Lukoil to the limelight and its $2bn deal with ConocoPhillips could mean the Russian major is ready to shake off its stuffy, bureaucratic image. Steve Hawkes talks to Leonid Fedun, the company's vice-president