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Congo’s disappearing discovery
9 July 2020
The Republic of Congo’s announcement of a major discovery appears to be targeted more at extorting EU environmentalists and multilateral lenders than attracting IOCs
West Africa aiming for global supplier status
10 January 2019
The region is making headway despite some output disruptions
Republic of Congo bouncing back
30 November 2017
The central African nation looked to be a hydrocarbons has-been, but chunky discoveries in recent years have reversed the trend
West Africa on the up
25 February 2016
Oil production will grow again in 2016, despite the downturn in prices
Congo to see production rise from Eni discovery
8 August 2013
Eni says the Nene' Marine field holds around 600 million barrels of oil and 20 billion cubic metres (cm) of gas
Uganda: now it gets difficult
3 August 2009
World-class oil reserves have been established in Uganda's Lake Albert area. The problem now is exploiting them, Martin Quinlan writes