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Growing pains for China’s onshore LNG producers
26 August 2014
With lower than expected demand, overcapacity and squeezed margins, the producers are having to scale back ambitions
China puts brakes on some coal-to-gas projects
23 July 2014
Dozens of new coal-to-gas projects have been proposed across the country, but the government wants to prevent inefficiencies and overcapacity
China looks abroad to FTSI for shale technology
12 June 2014
Texas based shale specialists FTS International have formed a 15 year joint venture with Sinopec
Russia pushes to revive western China gas route
5 June 2014
With the ink still drying on a landmark gas trade contract, Russia is already pushing a second deal with China that would revive a proposal to build a pipeline from Russia's West Siberia gasfields into northwestern China, according to president Vladimir Putin's chief of staff Sergei Ivanov
Russia and China agree $400bn gas deal
29 May 2014
Russia’s $400bn gas deal with China will have ramifications across the world
Discoveries point to progress in China’s gas search
13 February 2014
PetroChina and Sinopec have reported a pair of major natural gas discoveries within days of each other in a sign that Beijing’s efforts to boost domestic production are paying off
Crude price falls on China’s economic data
21 January 2014
Crude prices eased in January as weaker economic data from China indicated slowing crude demand and soaring US oil output added pressure
M&A transaction value falls by half
17 January 2014
The level reached the lowest since the 2008 recession, marking a shift in focus
Global coal demand growth will slow over five years
19 December 2013
Growth in global coal demand will slow over the next five years as consumption in China, the US and Europe are expected to ease, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)
Sinopec doubles shale production target for 2015
2 December 2013
China’s Sinopec has more than doubled it shale-gas production target for 2015 following exploration success at the Fuling Block in Chongqing
Gas shortages force Chinese long term shale action
25 November 2013
Residential gas demand could rise up to tenfold in some cities this winter, but results from shale aren't expected until 2020
Rising demand growth means China will rely on spot LNG imports
25 November 2013
With the gas winter shortage, China will need to rely on imports. However, the country could snatch a low-price
China's economic reforms promise big changes for energy sector
22 November 2013
A shift to market pricing and a new focus on environmental protection will produce new winners and losers
Opec pins hopes on China's cars and shale's failure
12 November 2013
The producers' group has released its latest oil outlook. And, as Derek Brower reports, the cartel has based some of its predictions on the unknown
Cnooc ambitious growth strategy comes under fire
28 October 2013
The Chinese company needs to expand internationally if it is to hit 2015 output targets
LNG set to slake Asia’s energy thirst
21 October 2013
Demand for natural gas in the Asia Pacific region is projected to expand at 3.9% per year, hitting 1.46 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) by 2035, up from 566 million toe in 2010, driving demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in gas-short Asia
China faces dire energy challenges, says energy official
17 October 2013
Wang Yumin vows green growth, as Russia and Canada outline plans to meet global needs
China key to oil market pricing as the world's top importer
17 October 2013
Price agencies and industry leaders call on Beijing to lift veil on nation’s crude trades
ADB warns carbon emissions will increase by 65% in Asia
15 October 2013
The carbon dioxide emissions are expected to increase to 22 billion tonnes by 2035
Global coal demand to overtake oil by 2018
15 October 2013
Cost is the main driver behind steep increase, consultancy says
Petrodollars: The great global divergence
10 October 2013
Opec is losing market share as North American supplies rise and global demand remains tepid
Chinese Big Oil under threat amid corruption scandal
4 October 2013
China's major state-owned producers have been dogged by a spate of corruption scandals, with senior officials accused of abusing their positions and encouraging anti-competitive practices. Will new president Xi Jinping curb the might of the country's big three?
China’s shale drive stalls amid technical challenges
4 October 2013
Technical challenges and unattractive economics have forced China back to the drawing board to figure out how to develop the country’s shale-gas resources
Reality bites Asian LNG buyers over US supply
2 October 2013
Asia are slowly waking up to the fact that new supplies from North America will not be cheap – and nor will they flood the market anytime soon
Russia's energy trade with China to quadruple by 2025
23 September 2013
The value of Russia's energy trade with China could quadruple by 2025, according to a new study
New oil deals set stage for Venezuela-China visit
19 September 2013
Venezuela's new president Nicolas Maduro will make his first visit to Beijing this weekend in a fresh test of the countries' energy relations, which have been strained in recent months