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Syrian crisis highlights China's Middle East problem
5 September 2013
The Syrian crisis highlights the tricky balancing act China faces in managing its energy relations in the Middle East
Oil industry snared in China’s corruption crackdown
2 September 2013
Officials from CNPC and PetroChina are under investigation for serious discipline violations
China's oil companies see profits and output rise on price reforms
29 August 2013
China's economy might have wobbled during the first half of the year, but the country's big three national oil companies have thrived, seeing their profits and output rise on the back of domestic fuel price reforms, as well as a series of acquisitions abroad
Changes for Ecuador's oil companies as China brings help
23 August 2013
Ecuador's state oil companies have restructured, there's new acreage, and China is bringing much needed funding
The rise and rise of Chinese oil companies
23 August 2013
Chinese NOCs are getting more sophisticated both at home and overseas
China set to become world’s largest oil importer
22 August 2013
US crude imports have plummeted in recent years as producers have pumped more oil out of the Bakken and Eagle Ford shales and drivers have chosen more fuel-efficient vehicles
China raises gas prices amid hopes for Russia supply deal
9 July 2013
Reforms set to boost state-run PetroChina's finances and could help the country seal a gas supply deal with Gazprom
Developing world beefs up climate action
1 July 2013
Carbon emissions are continuing to climb, despite more than two decades of climate change talks and a severe economic slowdown, but there is evidence that political will to tackle the problem is strengthening
China builds energy ties as US imports slow
27 June 2013
With growing US production, imports are slowing down in North America. China is becoming more prominent where the US is pulling back
SUV boom bolsters Chinese oil demand
14 June 2013
Despite a slowing economy, some bullish forecasters predict China’s oil demand will be stronger for longer as transportation, rather than industrialisation, spurs growth
Asia will dominate the global LNG market
13 May 2013
Post-Fukushima Japan, China and a number of other fast-growing Asian countries will need much more frozen gas in the coming decades
China pushes natural gas as transport fuel
9 May 2013
The country is developing LNG as a transport fuel, particularly for trucking and shipping
Asian buyers push for LNG trading hubs to curb import prices
19 April 2013
Asian buyers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are calling for the creation of trading hubs in the region to lower their growing import bills
China-Russia energise relations, but gas deal still out of reach
25 March 2013
China and Russia signed a raft of new deals during president Xi Jinping’s state visit to Moscow. The agreements promise to deepen the countries’ energy ties, but the crucial element of a proposed gas-supply deal – the price – has not yet been finalised
Europe and China warned they must kick the coal habit
18 March 2013
Industry leaders warn over the impact on climate change
Global economic woes depress crude prices
18 March 2013
Persistent economic issues in Europe, China and the US contributed to falling oil prices
March may be a turning point as markets look fragile
5 March 2013
March has provided the turning point for market sentiment in the past. Do not be surprised if it does this year, too
Greening China’s pumps as cars expected to double in number
25 February 2013
Can efficient vehicles and a push for alternative fuels take the edge off the country’s thirst for oil?
China’s economic data supports crude prices
25 February 2013
Crude oil prices hit nine-month highs in early February as stronger economic data from China and seasonally cold weather boosted prices
New book reveals how China’s superbank takes on the world
20 February 2013
China Development Bank has emerged as one of the most important financial institutions in the world, bankrolling the country’s rise at home and abroad, but little is known about its operations. Justin Jacobs reviews a new book which helps shine a light on the secretive bank
China's ambitions waver after shale round disappoints
29 January 2013
China is far from realising its ambitious shale-gas production targets following a lacklustre licensing round
Clock ticking on China-Russia gas supply deal talks
16 January 2013
Russia still hopes to strike a gas supply deal with China – vital if the country’s strategic shift from Europe to Asia is to succeed. But, as Justin Jacobs argues, Russia needs to act quickly or miss out on the opportunity
Asia makes a splash with deep-water exploration potential
3 January 2013
While deep-water plays off Brazil, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico have traditionally been at the top of explorers' wish lists, Asia is proving itself to have real potential
Economic data supports crude prices
10 December 2012
Crude prices found support at the end of November from a surprise draw in US crude stocks, an upward revision of US GDP growth and encouraging Chinese manufacturing data
Totting up Asia’s large strategic petroleum reserves
4 December 2012
Asian countries are some of the world's largest importers, with Japan holding the largest stockpile in the region
New measures for China’s energy efficiency drive
15 November 2012
China, the world’s largest energy consumer, wants to cut its fuel import bill and reduce its carbon footprint – and sees new efficiency measures as the way to do it