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Poland's PGNiG looks for US partners for shale gas exploration
1 September 2010
PGNiG hopes to team up with a US operator to explore for shale gas in Poland and says it will sign an agreement in October
Karachaganak group will sell stake to state
19 August 2010
Shareholders in Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO), the last foreign-only consortium running a large project in Kazakhstan, will cede 10% of the project to the state.
Canada's deep, Arctic waters attract big oil
19 August 2010
Several of the world's largest oil and gas producers are extending their reach into the deep-water Canadian Beaufort Sea
Shale-gas revolution comes to Bulgaria
4 August 2010
Chevron has applied for a permit to explore for shale gas in the northeast of Bulgaria
Poland: plenty of gas, but problems, too
4 July 2010
Local shale-gas reserves could heat Poland for 200 years, but a lack of infrastructure and other obstacles, not least politics, remain
Gulf oil slick: A potential boon for Canada
1 July 2010
A ban on drilling offshore the US and the likely stiffer regulation on oil and gas companies to come should mean a greater reliance on Canadian energy
UK: High hopes for extreme-north well
3 June 2010
A well to be spudded this summer in the UK's far-north waters could, if hopes are fulfilled, lead to a surge of exploration in the new Atlantic-margin frontier province
Refinery sales to re-shape UK business
2 June 2010
Four of the UK's remaining eight oil refineries are up for sale as the major companies rush for the exit, Martin Quinlan writes
UK: High hopes for extreme-north offshore oil well
20 May 2010
An oil well to be spudded this summer in the UK's far-north waters could, if hopes are fulfilled, lead to a surge of exploration in the new Atlantic-margin frontier province
Downstream depression
6 April 2010
Angola: alarm-bells ring in Cabinda
1 March 2010
The recent murderous attack on a foreign football team has allowed the Cabindan separatist movement to take the world stage – and it raises security concerns for about a quarter of Angola's oil production, Martin Quinlan writes
Rough times for US oil refiners
4 January 2010
If the US oil refining industry is a roller-coaster ride, it is on a dizzying downward plunge as demand drops and prices rise, writes Anne Feltus
Gas and oil prices to continue to diverge through 2010
7 October 2009
Oil and natural gas prices will continue to diverge next year and possibly beyond
China puts a prop under LNG market
1 October 2009
Asian demand is supporting the LNG business despite low prices and the recession, reports Conal Walsh from Perth
Australia's grand plans
1 November 2008
There are plans for up to 68m t/y of new export capacity in Australia. If all these projects come to fruition, they would help to relieve an increasingly tight supply situation, writes Ian Lewis
Going nuclear
1 August 2008
Countries in Southeast Asia hope nuclear power will cut energy-import bills, but the economics may not be as favourable as some might think, writes NJ Watson
Time for regime change
1 June 2008
Brazil is set to change its upstream investment terms following a series of large offshore discoveries. Robert Cauclanis writes
Bottom Feeder: salvaging decks from the seafloor
1 April 2008
An innovative invention is making light work of raising sunken steel structures in the US Gulf of Mexico, writes Anne Feltus
Opec quota about to bite
1 March 2008
Oil production is rising fast and was likely to have reached the country's new Opec quota last month – but the authorities had not agreed ceilings with the large operators by presstime. The quota problem threatens investment in the next wave of mega-projects