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Chevron to explore for shale gas in Lithuania
25 October 2012
US supermajor Chevron is to explore for shale gas in Lithuania after buying a 50% stake in a local company with prospective acreage
Shell moves ahead with Canadian CCS project
6 September 2012
Shell has made a long-awaited decision to proceed with Canada’s first large-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project
YPF courts Chevron for shale development
30 August 2012
YPF has started talks with Chevron as it continues its search for foreign partners to help it develop the multi-billion barrel Vaca Muerta shale
Go-ahead for west Africa’s first cross-border development
8 August 2012
The first oil development to cross borders in West Africa has the go-ahead
Suu Kyi calls for Moge snub in licensing round
29 June 2012
Myanmar's hopes of attracting more Western interest in its upcoming licensing round have been dealt a blow after opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi urged nations to bar their companies from forming joint ventures with her country’s state-owned oil and gas company until it improves its business practices
Medvedev: ‘US using cheap gas to prop up economy’
8 June 2012
The US government is keeping domestic gas prices lower than the rest of the world in a bid to stimulate its economy, Gazprom’s deputy chairman Alexander Medvedev claimed in a keynote address
CEE shale gas development 'inevitable'
7 June 2012
Shale-gas development has been slowed across much of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by protests from a wary public, but the lure of increased energy independence for the region makes a push for the development of those resources “inevitable”, KPMG has said in a new report
Fresh unconventional-gas find in Bulgaria
12 January 2012
Bulgaria’s quest to boost domestic production of shale and conventional gas deposits has been given a lift by a fresh discovery, despite growing public opposition to shale-gas exploitation
Bulgaria blocks shale-gas drilling
14 December 2011
Chevron must wait until at least 2015 to assuage environmental concerns
Bulgaria turns to EU on shale gas plans
24 November 2011
Bulgaria turns to EU for advice on environmental approvals for shale-gas development
Chevron up first for Romania shale drilling
2 November 2011
Government granted 20 exploration licences in July last year
Chevron wins Bulgaria shale-gas concession
16 June 2011
Winning bid of €30 million ($42.9 million) for the 4,400 square km parcel
HSE probes fatal refinery blast
3 June 2011
THE UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) this morning launched an investigation into last night’s fatal explosion at Chevron’s 220,000 barrel a day Pembroke refinery in southwest Wales.
Chevron beds down in Marcellus
5 May 2011
Supermajor U-turn boosts shale-gas portfolio
New lease of life for Indonesia
4 April 2011
Geothermal capacity on the rise; Chevron considering the potential
Alberta’s Duvernay enters the spotlight
10 March 2011
Play could rival BC’s Horn River; Encana, Chevron among firms building a presence
Alberta joins the shale-gas stampede
24 February 2011
Firms jostle for position in Duvernay, Exhaw/Bakken; province in line for fresh E&P bonanza
Chevron pleads for investor patience as results improve
27 January 2011
Supermajor Chevron hopes investors will stick with the firm as it invests in significant oil and gas output growth from 2014
Chevron pays cheaply for prime Marcellus access
11 November 2010
Chevron has entered the US unconventional-gas business with a $4.3bn deal to buy Atlas Energy, giving it a position in the Marcellus Shale and bringing it into partnership with India’s Reliance Industries
Canada's deep, arctic waters attract big oil
1 September 2010
Several of the world's largest oil and gas producers are extending their reach into the deep-water Canadian Beaufort Sea
Poland's PGNiG looks for US partners for shale gas exploration
1 September 2010
PGNiG hopes to team up with a US operator to explore for shale gas in Poland and says it will sign an agreement in October
Karachaganak group will sell stake to state
19 August 2010
Shareholders in Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO), the last foreign-only consortium running a large project in Kazakhstan, will cede 10% of the project to the state.
Canada's deep, Arctic waters attract big oil
19 August 2010
Several of the world's largest oil and gas producers are extending their reach into the deep-water Canadian Beaufort Sea
Shale-gas revolution comes to Bulgaria
4 August 2010
Chevron has applied for a permit to explore for shale gas in the northeast of Bulgaria
Poland: plenty of gas, but problems, too
4 July 2010
Local shale-gas reserves could heat Poland for 200 years, but a lack of infrastructure and other obstacles, not least politics, remain
Gulf oil slick: A potential boon for Canada
1 July 2010
A ban on drilling offshore the US and the likely stiffer regulation on oil and gas companies to come should mean a greater reliance on Canadian energy