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Majors make cuts as oil price sparks tough times
20 February 2015
Low prices and poor earnings mean the majors are cutting spending, jobs and projects
Indonesia considers importing US LNG to help rising demand
20 October 2014
The country is considering the move amid falling domestic output
Chevron sells 30% of Duvernay shale acreage for $1.5bn
8 October 2014
Chevron has sold a 30% stake in its Canadian Duvernay shale acreage to a unit of with the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (Kufpec) for $1.5 billion
US shale gas: second fiddle, but still in tune
15 September 2014
Investment is still pouring into the unconventional gas sector and production continues to rise
Leading the shale gas charge in Australia
15 September 2014
Development of the country’s shales will follow the path blazed by the coal-bed methane sector – with lots of M&A, plenty of risk, and big rewards
Shale gas firms take the long view
15 September 2014
North America is still the world’s only significant producer. But explorers are stepping up activity elsewhere and a global business is emerging
Asian promise, but full of risk
10 September 2014
There is huge potential for investors, but it remains hard to say if and where the shale plays will work
Chevron's gas to liquid starts flowing in Nigeria
28 August 2014
The major is nine years behind schedule at the Escravos plant, Nigeria
Condor Energy to work with Beach and Chevron
6 August 2014
The Australian fracture simulation company will work on the unconventional venture in Queensland
Canada’s Duvernay shale hots up
25 July 2014
Now that the land grab in Alberta Canada’s Duvernay shale is largely over and companies have started developing their positions, the future of the play is coming into sharper focus, and for many that future looks promising.
Companies are optimistic about Canada’s Duvernay production
24 July 2014
Duvernay oil production is expected to average 1 million barrels of oil equivalent a day
Chevron exits Lithuania shale gas acreage
10 July 2014
After two years the company has closed office in Vilnius
Chevron departure from Doba marks Chad decline
26 June 2014
The company has sold its interest to the government for $1.3 billion
Venezuela oil industry woes hit China’s Petro-King
19 June 2014
Services provider Petro-King warned investors of a slowdown
Morocco plans to drill 30 wells this year, but risks remain
13 June 2014
Interest in Morocco's hydrocarbons sector is growing. Yet with only a number of high-profile exploration failures to its credit, will explorers take the chance?
Chevron needs more gas in the tank after 27% fall in profits
14 May 2014
The US major's figures were worse than expected, but the company is pushing forward with gas
Slow-mo in the Orinoco
28 January 2014
New development of Venezuela’s vast heavy oil belt is moving like treacle
Chevron signs Ukraine shale exploration deal
31 October 2013
The agreement will see the development of gas from the Olesko field in western Ukraine
Chevron signs Ukraine shale deal
31 October 2013
Chevron has signed a draft production sharing agreement (PSA) for shale-gas exploration in Ukraine
National oil companies on top of the world
23 August 2013
Their domination of global reserves has put NOCs in control of the oil industry. But they must do more to keep their advantage
Lower oil prices and weaker refining margins bludgeon majors' profits
13 August 2013
The majors all saw their results take a hit as lower crude prices and weak refinery margins ate into second-quarter profits
Chevron to deal breathe new life into Argentina's Vaca Muerta
22 July 2013
State-owned oil company YPF has sealed a deal with the US supermajor Chevron to develop a section of the highly touted Vaca Muerta shale play
Ultra-deep makes a splash with new discovery
10 April 2013
As exploration ramps up in the Gulf of Mexico, the Lower Tertiary and Paleogene plays have become hot prospects
Chevron plans to double US tight-oil output by 2017
14 March 2013
The aim is part of a five year plan to increase global output to 3.3 million b/d
Chevron adds weight to Australian shale with Cooper deal
27 February 2013
The company sealed a deal potentially worth $349 million to study the potential of Beach Energy's Cooper basin acreage
Dips in output and prices dent majors’ results
19 February 2013
Improved refining margins prove a silver lining as big players unveil disappointing full-year figures