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Caribbean energy: devastation and opportunity
13 April 2018
Governments want to remake their electric grids
BHP Billiton pushes on in the Caribbean
29 April 2016
Enough faith might have been shown in a number of blocks that might just generate a few more years of extraction
Caribbean markets turn to gas
7 December 2015
LNG may be about to make an impact across the Caribbean, with a number of suppliers looking to set up shop
Hovensa enters deal after filing for bankruptcy
3 December 2015
The oil storage facility in the US Virgin Islands, a sought after site in the oil storage trade, could be back up and running soon after agreeing deal with Limetree Bay Holdings
China builds Caribbean energy ties in upstream, LNG and refining
24 April 2014
In recent years, the country has been boosting its presence in the region although its steps remain cautious
Opportunities for the Caribbean to clean up energy usage
24 April 2014
Oil dependency in the region is costly and dirty. Jeremy Martin and Alexis Arthur say the Caribbean must begin shifting fuel
Caribbean refiners under heavy pressure
24 April 2014
The economic model behind the region’s processing plants is coming under severe strain
Trinidad and Tobago needs new markets and production
24 April 2014
With the loss of the US as its major market, the island nation needs a new growth strategy
Opportunities and challenges face a changing Caribbean
24 April 2014
The Caribbean energy landscape is shifting, posing some problems but offering many opportunities too
Explorers invest in the Caribbean, but with slow progress
24 April 2014
Companies are snapping up frontier exploration acreage around the region
Panama Canal expansion will not redefine global LNG trade
24 April 2014
The project has been overhyped, and though the wider canal may cut some costs for future US LNG deliveries to Asia, the impact will be limited
Think tanks encourage Caribbean to move away from fuel oil
24 April 2014
High imported diesel prices make renewable energy competitive in the Caribbean
Shale forces rethink in Trinidad and Tobago gas market
22 January 2013
The Caribbean producer could have suffered more than most with the rise of US shale output. While it has adapted in the short term, to secure its place in the new-look global gas market, Trinidad and Tobago must develop a new, long-term strategy