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Shale gas firms invest in reserves around the world
21 August 2014
North America is still the world’s only significant producer. But explorers are stepping up activity elsewhere and a global business is emerging
Canada struggling with shale-to-LNG plans
21 August 2014
Exports to Asia will be key to monetising stranded Canadian shale gas, but plans are moving slowly
Canada’s Duvernay shale hots up
25 July 2014
Now that the land grab in Alberta Canada’s Duvernay shale is largely over and companies have started developing their positions, the future of the play is coming into sharper focus, and for many that future looks promising.
Companies are optimistic about Canada’s Duvernay production
24 July 2014
Duvernay oil production is expected to average 1 million barrels of oil equivalent a day
Alberta’s oil on the cusp of new era
11 March 2014
The oil sands’ pipeline bottleneck is starting to ease. But cost inflation remains a problem
Alberta’s oil on the cusp of new era as export routes emerge
7 March 2014
The oil sands’ pipeline bottleneck is starting to ease. But cost inflation remains a problem
Petronas to sell stake in Canadian shale-LNG project
26 February 2014
The company is in talks with two Asian companies to sell a 25% stake in its Canadian shale gas resources and proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility, the company's chief executive said
The unconventional oil age
12 February 2014
Shale is going global. Its arrival will shape the supply picture for years to come
Canada’s unconventional oil: a bounty needing new outlets
24 January 2014
Hemmed in by insufficient export pipeline capacity, rising output from Alberta’s vast oil sands also faces a saturated US market
The slow rise of global unconventional gas
14 January 2014
The world has 7,300 trillion cf of shale to exploit. Development has been slow outside North America, but momentum is building
Canada waiting in the wings for LNG development
5 December 2013
Canada has lots of unconventional gas but the loss of its market in the US has stalled the sector. Exports to Asia should eventually usher in a new phase of development
Shale firms weigh up international M&A opportunities
5 December 2013
As North America’s unconventional sector matures, deals will emerge elsewhere
Rail plugs the gaps in North America’s oil network
2 December 2013
Oil deliveries have been pushed onto flexible forms of transport, like rail and barges, which are able to cater for changing dynamics of production
China faces dire energy challenges, says energy official
17 October 2013
Wang Yumin vows green growth, as Russia and Canada outline plans to meet global needs
China’s Yanchang makes Canada move despite restrictions
11 September 2013
Despite new restrictions on the role of state-owned enterprises in Canada, Chinese oil companies remain keen to gain a foothold in the country’s oil patch
Canada sidesteps KXL with Energy East
12 August 2013
Faced with growing oil-sands production and delays to export pipelines to the US, Canada is moving ahead with a 1.1 million barrel a day (b/d) link from Alberta to the Atlantic coast
US looks to Canada for oil sands advice
30 July 2013
Governors from Mississippi and Alabama are seeking help developing their oil-sands deposits, writes Shaun Polczer
North America steps on the gas with new investment
27 June 2013
The four largest shale gas plays in the US will account for more than 10% of all North American upstream spending in 2013, according to UK consultants Wood Mackenzie
Canada's Atlantic refiners regroup after failing to find buyer
20 June 2013
Canada's east coast refining market is consolidating as the country reduces its dependence on offshore crude
Global shale gas estimates soar
14 June 2013
The US Energy Information Administration has increased its estimates for global shale gas resources by 10%, writes Helen Robertson
Canada is cleaning up the image of its oil sands
31 May 2013
Big industrial projects are ugly. Under pressure, Canada is taking steps to improve the image of its oil sands
Don’t discriminate against Canada’s crude
31 May 2013
The oil sands are critical to world supply and new technology can make them greener. The EU must not discriminate against them
Face off: Canada versus the EU over fuel-quality directive
31 May 2013
Europe doesn’t import any oil from Alberta, but the proposed fuel quality directive has ignited a row between Brussels and Edmonton
In situ: the next generation for oil production
31 May 2013
Oil sands projects are groundbreaking in the attempts to reach ‘inaccessable’ crude
Canada needs foreign investors to fund the oil sands
31 May 2013
Foreign investors, led by China and India, will underpin more development in Alberta