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Canada's offshore weathering the storm
29 April 2016
The Maritimes’ offshore is still plugging on with developments and withstanding tricky conditions
Rocky shores
4 April 2016
Canada’s LNG-export hopes are fading fast
Crude sneezes, the economy catches cold
24 March 2016
The benefits of diversification have long been preached by financiers and economists. Those countries too reliant on one industry naturally feel the pain of a limited portfolio. Canada is learning a stern lesson in overdependence
Defying the gloom
25 February 2016
Canada’s oil sector is suffering, but output is still going to rise this year
Digging-in time
5 February 2016
The short-term fundamentals look dire. But producers must not panic
Suncor doubles down with Canadian Oil Sands takeover
21 January 2016
The company’s $4.5bn deal for Canadian Oil Sands makes it the undisputed champion of the oil sands. It’s a big bet on a recovery in prices
Shell launches Canadian carbon capture plant Quest
10 November 2015
The company has officially launched its Quest CCS project in Alberta, designed to store more than 1m mt of carbon dioxide annually
Election result shifts Canada to the left
21 October 2015
Justin Trudeau led his Liberal Party to a surprisingly strong victory in Canada’s national election on 19 October, ending the Conservative Party’s decade in power
LNG Canada receives approval from government
30 June 2015
The two projects which will export LNG from Canada – LNG Canada and Pacific Northwest – moved nearer to start-up in June, but there are still some hurdles to clear
Alberta turns left
13 May 2015
The stunning victory for the NDP in the province's election will probably be less significant for the oil patch than many in the industry fear
The oil sands dig in
23 March 2015
Alberta's unconventional output will keep rising - for now. Derek Brower reports
Canadian unconventional oil production will keep rising
20 March 2015
While conventional oil sees cuts, Alberta's output will keep rising - for now
Canadian oil sands produce more but slash planned capex
13 January 2015
Oil sands producers have announced plans to decrease capital expenditure, but many expect increased production levels this year
Petronas slams brakes on $11bn Canadian LNG scheme
4 December 2014
The company is deferring an investment decision on the LNG project
Chevron sells 30% of Duvernay shale acreage for $1.5bn
8 October 2014
Chevron has sold a 30% stake in its Canadian Duvernay shale acreage to a unit of with the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (Kufpec) for $1.5 billion
Petronas threatens to delay Canadian LNG project
7 October 2014
The Malaysian national oil company wants favourable regulatory and fiscal deal by October
Cost inflation worrying Canadian oil sands producers
23 September 2014
Cost inflation has replaced market access as the biggest worry for operations in Canada's oil sands
Big shale: the rise and rise of American gas
15 September 2014
Despite patchy opposition to hydraulic fracturing, US output will remain the bedrock of global unconventional supply for decades
Shale gas firms invest in reserves around the world
21 August 2014
North America is still the world’s only significant producer. But explorers are stepping up activity elsewhere and a global business is emerging
Canada struggling with shale-to-LNG plans
21 August 2014
Exports to Asia will be key to monetising stranded Canadian shale gas, but plans are moving slowly
Canada’s Duvernay shale hots up
25 July 2014
Now that the land grab in Alberta Canada’s Duvernay shale is largely over and companies have started developing their positions, the future of the play is coming into sharper focus, and for many that future looks promising.
Companies are optimistic about Canada’s Duvernay production
24 July 2014
Duvernay oil production is expected to average 1 million barrels of oil equivalent a day
Alberta’s oil on the cusp of new era
11 March 2014
The oil sands’ pipeline bottleneck is starting to ease. But cost inflation remains a problem
Alberta’s oil on the cusp of new era as export routes emerge
7 March 2014
The oil sands’ pipeline bottleneck is starting to ease. But cost inflation remains a problem
Petronas to sell stake in Canadian shale-LNG project
26 February 2014
The company is in talks with two Asian companies to sell a 25% stake in its Canadian shale gas resources and proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility, the company's chief executive said
The unconventional oil age
12 February 2014
Shale is going global. Its arrival will shape the supply picture for years to come