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Southeast Europe bets on gas
13 August 2020
Greece and Bulgaria plan dashes for gas to fuel cleaner energy futures
Slim pickings for Eastern European offshore
29 April 2016
Azerbaijan and Bulgaria are the main areas of European offshore activity east of the North Sea
Bulgaria halts South Stream construction following EC request
10 June 2014
The European Commission argued that Bulgaria had not complied with EU market rules in the construction contracts
More setbacks for European shale
10 May 2012
Shale-gas exploration is facing further setbacks across Europe after governments in the Czech Republic and Romania moved to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and reports emerged of opposition to the technique mounting within the German government
Chevron lobbies Bulgaria to overturn frack ban
23 February 2012
Chevron is trying to convince the Bulgarian government to overturn a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) imposed earlier this year on the back of  environmental concerns
Russia gas cuts shine spotlight on European shale debate
7 February 2012
Gazprom reduces gas supply, highlighting opportunity for shale-gas energy security
Fresh unconventional-gas find in Bulgaria
12 January 2012
Bulgaria’s quest to boost domestic production of shale and conventional gas deposits has been given a lift by a fresh discovery, despite growing public opposition to shale-gas exploitation
Bulgaria blocks shale-gas drilling
14 December 2011
Chevron must wait until at least 2015 to assuage environmental concerns
Bulgaria turns to EU on shale gas plans
24 November 2011
Bulgaria turns to EU for advice on environmental approvals for shale-gas development
Bulgarians rage against shale gas
10 October 2011
"Don't gas our water!" say street demonstrators
Bulgaria to launch shale-gas auction
8 July 2011
The country has sufficient estimated resources to halt imports altogether
Chevron wins Bulgaria shale-gas concession
16 June 2011
Winning bid of €30 million ($42.9 million) for the 4,400 square km parcel
Bulgaria: Discoveries boost energy security
1 September 2010
MELROSE Resources says it could bring offshore gas production on stream as early as October after making three discoveries in Bulgaria's Black Sea waters, off the Kaliakra Cape. The finds could supply up to 20% of the country's gas needs in coming years
Shale-gas revolution comes to Bulgaria
4 August 2010
Chevron has applied for a permit to explore for shale gas in the northeast of Bulgaria
Bulgaria and Serbia feel the heat
1 February 2009
Geography, history and the preparations countries put in place after the 2006 gas war between Russia and Ukraine dictated who suffered most in the latest gas crisis