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Petrobras looks to gas
1 July 2005
Brazil is expected to complete its long quest for oil self-sufficiency by early next year. The country is now turning its attention to natural gas, where surging demand and potential supply disruptions in Bolivia are becoming a concern, reports Robert Olson
Petrobras: The deep-water riser riddle
1 October 2004
The main obstacle facing scientists and engineers at Brazil's Petrobras is designing risers to connect the bottom of the ocean to floating production platforms as upstream operations push into water depths approaching 3,000 metres, says Jacques Braile Saliés, manager of Procap-3000. Tom Nicholls reports
Sub-salt could be sweet
1 October 2002
Seismic and drilling technologies could soon unlock new resources in sub-salt strata beneath existing discoveries in the Campos basin, allowing exploration companies to capitalise on existing infrastructure to improve project economics, claims Schlumberger. Tom Nicholls reports
Major products shortage looms
1 September 2002
Already short of oil products, Brazil’s import requirement is set to shoot up in the next few years, unless there are major new investments in additional capacity. As things stand, imports could reach about 0.67m b/d by 2010, according to a recent report by the oil and gas regulator. Tom Nicholls reports
Successes and messes
1 January 2002
Henri Philippe Reichstul resigned as head of state-controlled Petrobras last month, having tansformed it into one of the world’s leading oil companies. But his tenure was marred by a string of environmental disasters, including the tragic sinking of the P-36 platform. Peter Kami talks to Reichstul and other senior Petrobras executives and industry figures