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Platform-less deep-water development could become reality
10 November 2011
Innovation is in Petrobras’s DNA, so dreams of a platform-less offshore environment may become reality within a decade
Petrobras set fair despite global storm clouds
12 October 2011
Petrobras chief executive Jose Sergio Gabrielli shrugged off talk that global economic uncertainty could derail the company’s ambitious plans to develop Brazil’s pre-salt play, saying the slowdown in the Brazilian firm’s investment programme had nothing to do with macroeconomics
Biofuels are the best way to cut transport emissions
22 September 2011
Increased biofuels use is the best way to cut emissions from the transport sector says Shell
Brazil’s pre-salt, deep-water discoveries
10 August 2011
Pegged at 15 billion barrels by the SPE, Petrobras's pre-salt oil and gas finds may prove highly profitable. PE provides a timeline for Brazil's challenging discoveries
Brazil banks on pre-salt bonanza to increase production
31 March 2011
Petrobras plans to double its oil production by 2020. Can it do it?
OGX finds shale gas in Brazil
25 November 2010
OGX Petroleo e Gas Participacoes (OGX PGP) has found shale gas in the Parnaiba onshore basin, in northeastern Brazil
BG banks on Brazil and LNG
28 October 2010
With its LNG business expected to make nearly $2bn this year, BG's Brazilian operations are still making the headlines, writes NJ Watson
Repsol placates shareholders with $7.1bn Sinopec deal in Brazil
28 October 2010
REPSOL's decision to sell 40% of its Santos basin oil assets to Sinopec is an attempt to ease tensions with Sacyr, its largest shareholder, as it plots heavy spending to develop pre-salt prospects
Brazil tightens its grip on Petrobras
30 September 2010
Deep-water specialist Petrobras is now further under the Brazilian government's control, after a high-cost purchase of new oil reserves
New laws place Brazil's oil and gas firmly under state control
1 July 2010
Policy decisions hand Petrobras significant control of Brazil's offshore oil resources, pushing private-sector explorers to look to shallower waters
Unconventional gas takes centre stage
6 April 2010
Shale gas is dominating the thoughts of Western oil companies. But BP's move for Devon should remind them that oil remains the true prize. Derek Brower reports from Houston
Petrobras targeting supermajor status
1 March 2010
Petrobras continues to defy gravity by maintaining its large investment programme, but must source large numbers of skilled workers to advance its expansion plans, writes Robert Olson
E&P spending to remain constrained in 2010
1 December 2009
Upstream oil and gas capital expenditure (capex) will be flat in 2010 and won't start to grow again until 2011, says Wood Mackenzie
Petrobras keeps its options open
9 March 2009
Brazil's state-controlled oil company is not cutting investment yet, but may have to if oil prices continue to fall or its financing options look too unappealing
The capital spending conundrum
5 January 2009
Oil companies are cutting back their capex plans, but they need to be ready to respond to any upturn in demand
ExxonMobil bids adiós
1 December 2008
As investment conditions worsen, private-sector oil companies are pulling out of Latin America. ExxonMobil is leading the way
BG buoyed by Brazil
1 August 2008
BG Group's attempt to buy Origin Energy has overshadowed a solid financial performance and significant reserves growth thanks to exploration success in Brazil
Grand plans crumble
1 February 2008
South America's plans for a regional gas pipeline network are being quietly dropped in favour of LNG, writes Robert Cauclanis
Europe's import dilemmas
1 August 2007
The EU must import significant volumes of biofuels to meet stringent, self-imposed requirements for their use, but increasing imports raises difficult questions for European policymakers, writes NJ Watson
Elaborate, daunting plans
1 February 2007
Energy shortages are a growing threat in South America because pipelines are not being built fast enough to keep up with demand, writes Robert Cauclanis
Petrobras looks to gas
1 July 2005
Brazil is expected to complete its long quest for oil self-sufficiency by early next year. The country is now turning its attention to natural gas, where surging demand and potential supply disruptions in Bolivia are becoming a concern, reports Robert Olson
Petrobras: The deep-water riser riddle
1 October 2004
The main obstacle facing scientists and engineers at Brazil's Petrobras is designing risers to connect the bottom of the ocean to floating production platforms as upstream operations push into water depths approaching 3,000 metres, says Jacques Braile Saliés, manager of Procap-3000. Tom Nicholls reports
Sub-salt could be sweet
1 October 2002
Seismic and drilling technologies could soon unlock new resources in sub-salt strata beneath existing discoveries in the Campos basin, allowing exploration companies to capitalise on existing infrastructure to improve project economics, claims Schlumberger. Tom Nicholls reports