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Choppier waters in Latin America
29 April 2016
A beacon for the offshore industry in recent years, the region is now suffering through the downturn
Slower, lower, weaker: Brazil under Rousseff
29 April 2016
Brasilia’s political crisis is deepening. Is there still hope for energy investors?
Latin American LNG demand dries up
4 April 2016
The return of hydropower, economic pain and cheaper alternatives are dampening regional LNG consumption
Heading south
25 February 2016
Outside Brazil, Latin American output is on its way down
Production forecasts: falling, not freezing
25 February 2016
Welcome to our in-depth report on production forecasts
Shell and BG: 1 + 1 = 5
8 February 2016
LNG and Brazil will create immense long-term value for Shell and BG Group
Debts threaten Latin America’s state oil companies
3 February 2016
Petrobras, PdV and Pemex facing mounting financial pressures. Expect deep spending cuts
Political changes in Latin America signal new investments
15 January 2016
Economic troubles across the continent have opened the door to a new crop of leaders who could be much friendlier to foreign investors
The deepening crisis at Sete Brasil
12 January 2016
The Brazilian rig builder once had a bright future. Now the Carwash scandal and mounting debts have left it on the brink of bankruptcy
Anti-austerity protests hit Petrobras
18 November 2015
Brazil's oil sector is in the grip of the worst strike in decades, threatening plans to reform the sector and ease the dreaded local content law - as well as hitting output
Brazil’s 13th licensing round flops after 14% of blocks sold
15 October 2015
Brazilian oil industry suffered the worst result in a decade, with only 37 of 266 blocks awarded
Petrobras debt rating downgraded to junk status
30 September 2015
Brazil’s national oil company saw its debt rating cut to junk status 10 September by Standard & Poors
Petrobras forced to scale back spending by 41%
9 July 2015
The state oil company faces a difficult future and has been forced to rein in its ambitions, shelving field plans and cutting output forecasts
Beldine faces challenges at crisis struck Petrobras
12 February 2015
New chief executive, Aldemir Beldine, faces long to-do list at the corruption ridden Brazilian company
Non-Opec growth to outpace improving demand
10 December 2014
The International Energy Agency says the trend is likely to continue into the new year
Corruption threatens Petrobras' expansion plans
25 November 2014
An unfolding corruption scandal surrounding Brazil's Petrobras has shown up the dark side of Brazil's oil boom and is now threatening to derail the national oil company's ambitious expansion plans
Brazil’s Rousseff faces energy challenges after election win
27 October 2014
Dilma Rousseff has previously retained strong government control over the energy sector, making Brazil less attractive for investors
Turnaround as Brazil's Petrobras sees a rise in production
17 October 2014
The state oil company has seen more projects develop to increase the country's oil output
Brazil's gas prospects fade as import dependence continues
22 July 2014
Facing an increasingly costly import dependence its time the country re-thinks its strategy
Petrobras pre-salt discovery prompts cash flow fears
25 June 2014
Investors sold off shares after cost worries, making the task of producing more difficult for Petrobras
Droughts drive Brazilian LNG demand ahead of World Cup
21 March 2014
The hydropower system is producing at just 35% of capacity despite being in the rainy season
Water and wind power Brazil’s green growth
20 March 2014
Latin America’s largest country is blazing a sustainable energy path, despite some objections
Optimism despite Petrobras' production decline
5 February 2014
Brazil's state-controlled flagship has, of late, been long on promise but short on return. However, its long-term outlook is increasingly bright
OGX plots its comeback from corporate bankruptcy
15 January 2014
The company filed for bankruptcy protection in October while it negotiated with creditors
Latin American shale gas remains in early stages
5 December 2013
The continent’s large unconventional reserves have yet to yield any significant production
Brazil’s needs to invest $1 trillion to realise deep-water plans
13 November 2013
The country has drawn up plans to transform its energy sector, but serious investment is needed, says the IEA