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BP takes backdoor approach to Chinese energy-market entry
1 December 2009
Despite China's rapid economic growth – and despite its hunger for energy resources – international oil companies have made relatively little headway in the country's markets, writes Conal Walsh
Pragmatism prevails in Iraq's oil sector
2 November 2009
Despite a disappointing licensing round and political opposition to private-sector investment, Iraq is making gradual upstream progress – with the help of IOCs, writes Digby Lidstone
Unconventional gas: a quiet revolution spreading around the world
2 November 2009
Unconventional gas discoveries and the global resource potential are transforming the energy mix, reports Tom Nicholls from Buenos Aires
Refinery plans reeling
1 September 2009
Battered by weak margins and surplus capacity, North America's refining sector is in more than just another periodic swoon
Chesapeake: a company built on shale
3 August 2009
Was Chesapeake's meteoric success a flash in the pan, or is CEO Aubrey McClendon worth $112.5m a year? NJ Watson writes
The Shtokman delay – and Russia's new weakness
23 July 2009
The Shtokman gas project epitomised the power of the resource holding nations, such as Russia, over the Western majors that had over the decades before commanded control of the world's energy sector
Iraq's disappointing licensing round DUPLICATE 2745699
2 July 2009
Kirkuk exemplifies much of what is still undermining Iraq's progress from a violent, post-dictator and divided country to a wealthy oil-producing state.
US gas market in flux
1 May 2009
US natural gas futures fell to their lowest level for six and a half years this week and the outlook isn't bullish
Trinidad gas boom under threat
1 December 2008
Trinidad and Tobago must find more gas if it is to expand its export business and local gas-based industries
TNK-BP saga turns bizarre
1 September 2008
Next generation progressing
1 September 2008
Despite recent adverse publicity, the biofuels industry has a bright future, writes Ian Lewis
Mixed messages
1 July 2008
Dmitry Medvedev is projecting a new image for Russia. But the TNK-BP squabble and Gazprom's bullishness is undermining it. Derek Brower reports from St Petersburg, Russia, and Deauville, France
Downstream attractions
1 June 2008
An expanding economy and efficient oil logistics – the latter a legacy of the years of state control – make Spain an attractive downstream market. Repsol YPF is making sure it will hold onto its dominant position, Martin Quinlan writes
TNK-BP's confused future
1 May 2008
BP and its Russian joint venture, TNK-BP, are feeling the heat again. It could herald the company's exit from Russia – or a new partnership with Gazprom or Rosneft. Derek Brower reports
Opec quota about to bite
1 March 2008
Oil production is rising fast and was likely to have reached the country's new Opec quota last month – but the authorities had not agreed ceilings with the large operators by presstime. The quota problem threatens investment in the next wave of mega-projects
BP's back
1 July 2007
BP IS BACK in Libya, 33 years after its Sarir concession was nationalised by the then-Colonel Muammar Qadhafi – and in a big way. At the end of May the firm signed an agreement described by its new chief executive, Tony Hayward, as "BP's single biggest exploration commitment", Martin Quinlan writes.
An expanding frontier
1 June 2007
Encouraged by high prices and a positive demand outlook, and enabled by technologies that reduce risks and costs, the industry continues its expansion into ever-deeper waters, writes Anne Feltus