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Gulf spill will force industry consolidation
1 July 2010
Expect a wave of M&A in the US Gulf of Mexico next year, as independents find that new costs and liabilities make deep-water exploration in the region too risky, writes Simon Crompton
US: Impact of BP's slick spreads to the authorities
3 June 2010
The Minerals Management Service (MMS), the body blamed for ineffectual oversight of deep-water drilling in the Gulf, is to break up
Deep trouble in deep water
3 June 2010
The long-term implications of the Gulf of Mexico's disastrous oil spill for the offshore industry could be as far-reaching as the spill itself, writes Anne Feltus
Tragedy for the US; disaster for big oil
3 June 2010
A MONTH after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil slick continues to spread
Global oil production holding steady
2 June 2010
US oil production was relatively unaffected by the Deepwater Horizon accident in the US Gulf of Mexico, says the IEA
The next wave of M&A activity: North American shale gas
1 February 2010
The shale-gas revolution that started with the drillers is entering the boardrooms. Expect the North American natural gas scene to look very different in coming years, writes Derek Brower
Offshore Alaska: the upstream oil industry's next frontier
4 January 2010
Alaska could hold impressive offshore oil reserves
BP: Put a price on carbon
4 January 2010
A price on carbon is the "missing link" in the world's quest to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions and develop alternatives to hydrocarbons, accoridng to BP's chief executive
Oil, money and greed
4 January 2010
A new book tells the story of the oil industry's boom-bust cycle through the personalities of its main protagonists. It isn't always a flattering portrait, writes Derek Brower
Iraqi oil awards signal brighter upstream future
1 December 2009
After the award of three large upstream contracts, Iraq's prospects as an oil producer are looking much brighter
US Gulf of Mexico yields deep-water oil rewards for risk-averse explorers
1 December 2009
A string of large and medium-sized oil discoveries in the GOM's deep waters are attracting risk-averse explorers to this technically difficult region, writes Anne Feltus
BP takes backdoor approach to Chinese energy-market entry
1 December 2009
Despite China's rapid economic growth – and despite its hunger for energy resources – international oil companies have made relatively little headway in the country's markets, writes Conal Walsh
Pragmatism prevails in Iraq's oil sector
2 November 2009
Despite a disappointing licensing round and political opposition to private-sector investment, Iraq is making gradual upstream progress – with the help of IOCs, writes Digby Lidstone
Unconventional gas: a quiet revolution spreading around the world
2 November 2009
Unconventional gas discoveries and the global resource potential are transforming the energy mix, reports Tom Nicholls from Buenos Aires
Oil breaks above $70/b
1 September 2009
Refinery plans reeling
1 September 2009
Battered by weak margins and surplus capacity, North America's refining sector is in more than just another periodic swoon
Chesapeake: a company built on shale
3 August 2009
Was Chesapeake's meteoric success a flash in the pan, or is CEO Aubrey McClendon worth $112.5m a year? NJ Watson writes
The Shtokman delay – and Russia's new weakness
23 July 2009
The Shtokman gas project epitomised the power of the resource holding nations, such as Russia, over the Western majors that had over the decades before commanded control of the world's energy sector