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The US’ future is unconventional, says BP
27 March 2011
Unconventional gas will account for 57% of US production by 2030; CBM and shale to account for almost half Chinese output growth
Angola takes pre-salt plunge with licensing offer
24 February 2011
Angola is to award 11 deep-water areas, all said to have potential for pre-salt oil, in the country's first large licensing offer since 2005
BP: Grim results but brighter prospects as company cuts back
24 February 2011
BP's retreat from the US looks more certain with each passing week, a move that will reinforce its strategic shift to more prospective regions and may signal the beginning of the end of its troubles in the country. But pruning must yield new growth, especially upstream
Oman mulls over tight-gas price
17 February 2011
Huge tight-gas reserves need higher prices to make projects economic
What the spill commission didn't say about Deepwater Horizon
27 January 2011
Obama's White House has failed to deliver the energy-policy reform the US needs
BP's alliance with Rosneft a master stroke
27 January 2011
Despite a year of difficulties, BP's latest Russian venture shows the UK supermajor is still playing at the top table
Coon's law firm will take on BP over Deepwater Horizon
27 January 2011
Brent Coon is on the warpath over the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The Texan lawyer is resuming hostilities with an old foe, BP
Oil sands get their boom back
6 January 2011
Suncor-Total deal heralds renewed emphasis on scale; cost worries beginning to surface again
BP, in Iran-sanctions spotlight, shuts UK Rhum field
14 December 2010
Rhum will remain shut in, BP says, "pending clarification from the UK Government on certain aspects of the new EU regulations concerning restrictive measures against Iran"
Investigators criticise culture of complacency on Deepwater Horizon
14 December 2010
The bipartisan commission was appointed by President Barack Obama to investigate disaster in the Gulf of Mexico
Husky goes for growth
2 December 2010
Sunrise oil-sands project sanctioned; ExxonMobil Canada gas deal
BP gas deal boosts Azerbaijan export options
28 October 2010
A new exploration deal in Azerbaijan could put Dudley's company in the middle of a battle for the country's gas exports
BP on the mend, but recuperation will take time
28 October 2010
BP is working hard to rebuild its shattered reputation and has a big new Caspian gasfield on its books, but it will take more than that to comfort investors, writes Miles Lang
Contractors slam 'self-serving' BP spill report; Dudley takes charge
30 September 2010
Halliburton and Transocean, the two contractors involved in BP's calamitous Macondo well – which was finally sealed on 19 September – reacted hard and fast after the major cited them for operational breaches contributing to the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) disaster
US Congress looks at spill-liability limits
1 September 2010
COSTS associated with BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have already risen to more than $6bn, including over $300m to compensate people and businesses adversely affected by the incident
Static kill successfully halts Macondo spill
1 September 2010
BP stopped the flow of oil from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico with its static-kill procedure on 3 August, by pumping heavy mud through the blowout preventer (BOP) and into the well
Wasted reputations
1 September 2010
Imagine the outrage in Western capitals if it had happened in Russia. Imagine that before any due legal process had reached its course, the Kremlin had threatened the largest foreign investor in the most prospective oil province in the country with the removal of its licence to operate
BP to sell Colombian business
1 September 2010
AS PART of its $30bn asset-disposal programme, BP agreed to sell 100% of the shares in its Colombian business last month
The next wave of M&A activity: North American shale gas
4 August 2010
The shale-gas revolution that started with the drillers is entering the boardrooms. Expect the North American natural gas scene to look very different in coming years
BP deal suggests end to Egyptian gas-export freeze
29 July 2010
A ground-breaking deal with BP makes way for development of the Raven gasfield – and might mark the end of Egypt's two-year freeze on new gas-export agreements
Spill ramifications spread beyond the Gulf of Mexico
29 July 2010
The Deepwater Horizon disaster will have ramifications for deep-water drilling, not only in the Gulf of Mexico, but worldwide, as countries tighten their regulatory regimes
BP's Macondo well capped at last
29 July 2010
Oil has stopped flowing out of control from BP's blown-out Macondo well in the deep water Gulf of Mexico
Tony Hayward: The fall guy
29 July 2010
TO PRESERVE BP's position in the US and rescue what is left of its credibility in the country Tony Hayward had to go
Deepwater Horizon: Paying for the spill
29 July 2010
AS BP makes progress stemming the flow of oil from its blown-out well in the US Gulf, it is also positioning itself financially to deal with the cost of the catastrophe and shore up investor confidence
BP posts $17bn loss as asset disposal programme gets under way
29 July 2010
THE US gulf oil spill has devastated BP's finances. The company posted a second-quarter loss of $16.97bn – one of the biggest in UK corporate history
An oil industry problem
1 July 2010
President Barack Obama does not yet know what caused the Gulf of Mexico oil spill ("we need to know the facts before we allow deep-water drilling to continue," he said last month). But the force of his anti-BP rhetoric suggests he has already made up his mind