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Brazil-Bolivia gas talks suspended
3 December 2019
Pipeline contract deadline looms as Brazil increasingly turns to LNG
Electoral controversy paralyses Bolivia
24 October 2019
Demonstrations turn violent as president Evo Morales inches to disputed victory
Weighing Bolivia's gas export options
9 August 2018
Legal disputes and competition from Chile complicate efforts to become a regional energy hub
Bolivia's gas dream
24 October 2017
The country needs to boost its reserves and cashflow to realise its energy ambitions
Repsol tuning up
10 October 2017
The Spanish major has tightened its belt, lifted its profitability and positioned itself to capitalise on an evolving market
Bolivia—another strike from the resources curse?
4 August 2017
An IMF study fears Bolivia's gas boom could explode. It wants the government to change tack
Boom times for Bolivian gas but new reserves are needed
2 June 2014
Production and exports are on the rise, but the country urgently needs to find new reserves and markets
Bolivia’s fight for the sea will impact energy sector
3 May 2013
Bolivia's case against Chile at the UN's International Court of Justice to reclaim sovereign access to the sea has important implications for the Latin American gas trade and Bolivia’s energy sector
Bolivia’s gas conundrum as it celebrates six years nationalised
24 April 2012
On May Day, it will be six years since President Evo Morales nationalised Bolivia’s gas sector. The anniversary offers Morales the opportunity to hail the success of his strategy in boosting production, but has it also sown the seeds of the sector’s long-term decline?
Argentina turns to Bolivia for gas
4 May 2010
With Argentine gas production falling and the country increasingly reliant on spot LNG cargoes the government has turned to Bolivia to secure its long-term gas-supply requirements, reports Robert Olson
Bolivia: Cementing new friendships
9 March 2009
President Evo Morales is making some headway with efforts to bolster dwindling foreign investment in the country's energy sector
Elaborate, daunting plans
1 February 2007
Energy shortages are a growing threat in South America because pipelines are not being built fast enough to keep up with demand, writes Robert Cauclanis
Petrobras looks to gas
1 July 2005
Brazil is expected to complete its long quest for oil self-sufficiency by early next year. The country is now turning its attention to natural gas, where surging demand and potential supply disruptions in Bolivia are becoming a concern, reports Robert Olson