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Will biofuels emerge from the renewables shadows?
9 November 2018
Despite ambitious transport fuel targets and strong growth in biofuel demand, bioenergy has failed to get the publicity it warrants
Renewables looks to find the right balance
2 November 2018
The adoption of wind and solar is growing rapidly. But can the technology overcome its current limitations?
Renewables face increasingly level playing field
2 November 2018
Adoption of green energy will only grow, as technology makes renewables increasingly cost competitive
Aviation fuel: Trash landings
2 October 2017
Subsidy adjustments revive BA's interest in producing jet fuel from waste
Alternative jet fuel slow to launch
22 August 2017
The global aviation industry is committed to long-term carbon emission cuts, but low oil prices are slowing the development of alternative types of jet fuel
European Commission sets out new road for biofuels
8 October 2012
The EC will limit the consumption of biofuels due to competition with food crops and land use
Biofuels are the best way to cut transport emissions
22 September 2011
Increased biofuels use is the best way to cut emissions from the transport sector says Shell
Viable algal biofuels not imminent
1 July 2010
THE CREATION of the world's first artificial cell by a team of scientists led by Craig Venter could aid efforts to make biofuels derived from algae a commercial proposition. But developers are playing down the chances of any rapid breakthroughs
US: Bad times for biodiesel producers
2 June 2010
THE US biodiesel business is on life support, waiting for legislative action that could save it
EU parliament calls for shift away from food-crop biofuels
1 October 2008
THE EUROPEAN Parliament's Industry Committee has endorsed the European Commission's proposed target for 10% of road-transport fuel to be derived from renewable sources by 2020. But it has called for a shift towards renewable energy sources and away from biofuels made from food crops
Next generation progressing
1 September 2008
Despite recent adverse publicity, the biofuels industry has a bright future, writes Ian Lewis
Energy policy: The greening of politics
1 October 2007
Calls from the UN for Australia and the US to play a full role in efforts to develop a new global climate agreement may be working, writes Ian Lewis
Europe's import dilemmas
1 August 2007
The EU must import significant volumes of biofuels to meet stringent, self-imposed requirements for their use, but increasing imports raises difficult questions for European policymakers, writes NJ Watson
Sub-salt gains new converts
1 July 2007
Petrobras continues to produce exciting results from exploration beneath the thick layers of salt under established offshore heavy-oil plays. IOCs are hoping to follow suit. Robert Cauclanis reports
Europe: better at ARA
1 January 2007
The big independent ARA terminals have seen a structural change in their business – and are building new facilities to take advantage of it, Martin Quinlan writes