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Canada looks to reset strained US ties with energy pact
12 February 2016
Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, wants his ‘bromance’ with Obama to yield some concessions on energy
Obama calls off the Keystone XL project
10 November 2015
After seven years, the Keystone XL project has been called off by President Obama, surprising few
Obama’s aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32%
5 August 2015
As part of the Clean Power Plan, Obama aims to reduce the gas emissions by 2030
US producers call for the export ban to be lifted
2 July 2015
Outdated rules stop US producers from exporting crude oil to most countries - exporters believe a change is overdue
Keystone XL conundrum after Obama veto
26 February 2015
Supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline are weighing their options following US president Barack Obama’s veto of legislation submitted to him by Congress, which would have cleared the way for the scheme to go ahead
Keystone XL uncertainty after Obama veto
25 February 2015
The President of the USA vetoed legislation brought to him by Congress that would have seen approval of the scheme
Obama plan expands and restricts opportunities in the Atlantic
28 January 2015
The Obama administration has given a little to the oil industry and taken a little away
Developing world beefs up climate action
1 July 2013
Carbon emissions are continuing to climb, despite more than two decades of climate change talks and a severe economic slowdown, but there is evidence that political will to tackle the problem is strengthening
Obama’s climate conundrum: Oil and gas versus low emissions
26 June 2013
Barack Obama wants to cut carbon emissions. The US president also wants to increase domestic oil and gas production. Can he do both?
Obama eyes oil revenues for clean energy
25 March 2013
The US president plans to earmark $2 billion of oil and gas revenues to fund alternative energy research
Obama vows clean energy shift for US in State of the Union
14 February 2013
If there were any doubts about US president Barack Obama’s determination to tackle climate change, it was put to rest in his State of the Union speech on 13 February
Obama sets ambitious energy agenda for his second term
29 January 2013
The US president used his inaugural address to reaffirm his commitment to tackling climate change
What Obama's second term means for global oil markets
7 November 2012
As the US gets back to business after a hard-fought presidential election campaign, the market may well turn bearish
Obama's options to ease oil prices: Iran or a risky stock release
30 August 2012
An oil price beneath $110 a barrel is no threat to the world’s economic growth, Opec’s secretary-general Abdalla El-Badri told Petroleum Economist after the group’s meeting in June.
US court paves way for KXL’s Gulf Coast leg
9 August 2012
Construction of a pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf coast – originally part of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline proposal – is poised to get under way after a US judge ruled against environmental groups seeking an injunction to prevent work on the link starting
TransCanada brings XL back to life
9 May 2012
Despite what its chief executive described as “speed bumps”, the Keystone oil-sands pipeline to Texas is already an important part of TransCanada’s plans to ship 40% of Canada’s exports to the US
Keystone debate far from over
31 January 2012
TransCanada and US Republicans vow to fight on in the battle for the Keystone XL pipeline
Obama hitches ride on shale bandwagon
26 January 2012
The US president placed unconventionals firmly at the centre of his ‘made in America’ energy policy – but will he back up his words with action?
Door creaks open on Myanmar’s gas industry
12 January 2012
Tentative steps towards democracy may herald the end of economic sanctions and an upstream beginning for Myanmar. But Asia’s NOCs still hold the strongest hand
Obama signs the US up for transparency
21 September 2011
In a speech, President Obama noted the importance of energy companies disclosing the payments that foreign governments demand of them
US lobbyists plead Keystone XL case
26 May 2011
House Republicans, unions, and industry associations are pressuring the government
Big Oil set for Senate finance committee show-down
10 May 2011
US oil executives are preparing for a face-off with the Senate finance committee on Thursday as lawmakers called on the industry to defend tax breaks worth an estimated $4 billion a year, even as consumers face rising gasoline prices
What they said about Obama's State of the Union address
24 February 2011
Opinions on the SOU, energy and the US economy from across the industry and political spectrum
Canada presses Obama on Keystone XL
24 February 2011
Barack Obama is showing uncharacteristic reticence when it comes to TransCanada's plans to build a direct pipeline link from Alberta's oil sands to the Texas Gulf coast
What the spill commission didn't say about Deepwater Horizon
27 January 2011
Obama's White House has failed to deliver the energy-policy reform the US needs
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