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Hess receives go-ahead for Bakken EOR
10 December 2019
US independent has been given approval by North Dakota regulators to proceed with an EOR pilot project that it hopes will help boost recoveries in the Bakken shale play
Where next for the Bakken?
9 January 2018
Producers are making the North Dakota tight oil play an attractive place to drill again, but it will struggle to compete with the Permian
How resilient has US shale become?
8 December 2017
Genuine gains have been made, but the industry will need further technological breakthroughs to overcome the geology
US crude and fuel exports reaching new highs
19 October 2017
WTI's persistent discount to Brent has drawn record levels of American oil onto international markets
Nearing the cliff edge
25 February 2016
As things stand now, US oil output is about to start dropping quickly. Almost 1m barrels per day could be lost
Shale producers optimistic as oil production falls
11 August 2015
Across the US' largest plays, shale output is set to fall for the sixth month in a row in September
US rig count rise points to likely bottoming out
30 July 2015
Up by 21 from last week, the US rig count shows shale executives are eyeing a return to growth
Victims of their own success
9 July 2015
Shale-gas drillers are struggling to cope with the cheap prices brought by their onslaught of supply
Shale oil drillers bring out the knife
9 July 2015
Cost cutting, not production growth, is now the sector’s obsession
US shale producers feel the squeeze
8 January 2015
Shale oil producers across the US are slashing spending and dropping rigs as the business faces its first major test from a steep decline in the oil price
Bakken powers ahead with production despite low oil price
27 November 2014
Opec countries and other producers hoping that a lower oil price is going to lead to a quick fall in production from the Bakken oilfield in North Dakota, the US' most prolific shale producer, are likely to be left disappointed
Sceptics see the output boom in the US about to bust
27 October 2014
Chris Nelder reviews new analysis of US tight oil and shale gas production which suggests the output boost from unconventionals will wane before the end of this decade
Tight oil bonanza
6 February 2014
US oil production will rise by another 1 million barrels a day in 2014, defying sceptics and suggesting the tight oil surge still has momentum
The unconventional oil age looks promising
24 January 2014
Shale is going global. Its arrival will shape the supply picture for years to come
Gas flaring complicates US Bakken oil boom
7 October 2013
Damaging and disruptive, gas flaring is bad for the environment and for companies, yet it's on the rise in North Dakota
China set to become world’s largest oil importer
22 August 2013
US crude imports have plummeted in recent years as producers have pumped more oil out of the Bakken and Eagle Ford shales and drivers have chosen more fuel-efficient vehicles
US gas powers on
5 July 2013
The US shale sector is continuing to shift from shale-gas drilling to the more economical shale-oil drilling
US Geological Survey doubles Bakken reserves estimate
2 May 2013
A new assessment found much larger oil deposits than previously thought at Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana
USGS doubles Bakken reserves estimate
2 May 2013
A new resource assessment by the US Geological Survey (USGS) has doubled previous reserve estimates of the Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana
Tight oil fuels North American rail resurgence
22 April 2013
The train network is rapidly becoming integral to energy transport in the US, a role that could aid the rise of unconventionals
Centrica and QPI buy Suncor gas assets for C$1 billion
18 April 2013
The Canadian company is to concentrate on its other profitable assets
Pipeliners eye Bakken pay day
22 November 2012
Midstream operators are looking to capitalise on a lack of takeaway capacity from the Bakken, announcing new investments in gathering systems and pipelines across the play
ExxonMobil doubles down on Bakken
26 September 2012
After nearly three years of sitting on the sidelines, ExxonMobil has re-entered the US acquisition market with a $1.6-billion purchase of Bakken assets
US tight oil to triple by 2020, Wood Mackenzie says
24 August 2012
US tight oil production is on the rise and will approach 4.1 million barrels per day (b/d) by 2020, with as yet unseen implications for global and domestic markets, energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie says
US Bakken tight-oil output to overtake Iraq
16 August 2012
Total US unconventional oil production may surpass second- and third-largest Opec members by 2020
Permian production tops 1m b/d
12 July 2012
Production at the Permian basin is in danger of overtaking processing and transport capacity from the region
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