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Russia remains warm on Arctic projects
18 June 2020
Despite arduous operating conditions, Covid-19 further challenging the economics and the threat of further Western sanctions, growth in the region remains a core priority for the government
Arctic gas boosts Gazprom Neft
23 August 2019
The Russian producer looks on track to achieve its production growth targets
Novatek closes in on Arctic LNG 2
23 July 2019
FID on Novatek’s second Arctic LNG production project, expected in Q3 2019, appears to be a formality
Novatek Arctic LNG project defies US sanctions
17 October 2018
Novatek’s Arctic LNG projects are continuing apace, despite Washington’s so-called “bill from hell”
Russia seeks to revive offshore Arctic ambitions
6 March 2018
New oil finds and melting ice are helping to reignite interest in the region
Norway winds down
5 March 2018
Fresh developments in the Arctic promise new production, but enthusiasm for fresh licenses has waned
Norway's Barents bounce
3 May 2017
The death of Arctic exploration has been greatly exaggerated—in Norway, at least
Yamal LNG's slow sailing
3 June 2016
The development is moving ahead, but Russia’s broader LNG-export plans are off course
Production on ice in the Arctic
29 April 2016
Projects are moving glacially, if at all
Statoil drops leases in the US Arctic
18 November 2015
Norway’s state-controlled oil producer has followed Shell out of the high-cost, high-risk Arctic, but downplays the extent of the costs it has incurred there
Shell loses $6bn on Q3 writedowns
29 October 2015
Shell has reported a third quarter loss of $6.1bn - net of $8.2bn of upstream writedowns and charges linked to its unsuccessful Arctic drilling
Norway completes Polarled line under budget
20 October 2015
Work on the 26.6bn cm/yr Polarled line is now done. It is the first pipeline on the Norwegian continental shelf to cross the Arctic Circle
Shell concedes defeat in the Arctic after poor results
28 September 2015
The company have abandoned the multi-billion dollar drilling campaign after facing difficulty in the region
Northern Russia key to oil and gas output plans
30 May 2014
The country’s north is key to oil and gas output plans over the coming decades
Frustrated investors push for a greener Big Oil
20 March 2014
The supermajors have fallen on hard times - costs have surged, output has fallen. Investors have grown frustrated by low returns and high oil prices have not proven to be the remedy they had hoped. What comes next?
Reassurance needed that Arctic drilling is safe
20 February 2014
Persuading the world that drilling in the Arctic can be done safely may be as difficult as the operating environment
Companies and governments need to join for Arctic exploration
20 February 2014
Arctic exploration is complex and expensive, meaning governments will probably have to join forces with companies to make it happen
North America's Arctic drive slows amid problems
20 February 2014
While the far north has been both tempting - and, in some cases, profitable - for a number of majors, the sense of urgency that once drove Arctic exploration is waning
Norway's Arctic development will take time and money
20 February 2014
Norway's Arctic experience shows that development in the High North will take time - and money
Russia moving north despite costly development
20 February 2014
Russia's Arctic oil and gas wealth makes it the region's dominant player. But development will be very expensive
The Arctic land grab underway as the region opens up
20 February 2014
A region rich in oil and gas has many suitors, each with rival claims to the icy north
Russia and Norway lead slow Arctic development
20 February 2014
However the region will remain a marginal energy producer for decades
Melting ice is opening the Arctic to trade routes
20 February 2014
Arctic melting is opening up new trade routes, but the impact will be smaller than thought
Development has started on pioneering Arctic LNG plant
20 February 2014
Novatek and Total's Arctic gas plant will be a true feat of engineering prowess
20 licences awarded in Norway's big push north
19 June 2013
The round offered licences in the Barents Sea with all but one of the areas in the Arctic circle
Unconventionals boom puts Arctic pipe plans on ice
14 March 2012
North America’s shale-gas revolution has stymied plans for two multi-billion dollar pipelines to tap Alaska’s North Slope and Canada’s Mackenzie Delta
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