Shale oil breakeven prices
12 May 2020

This paper examines published estimates of shale oil breakeven prices, contrasts the quoted breakeven price with industry performance over the period and investigates the disconnect between published breakeven prices and actual breakeven prices at the corporate level.

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Protect your projects: A guide to capex risk management
5 May 2020

Today’s capital project construction industry is plagued with challenges, resulting in nearly all major projects delivering late and over budget. This whitepaper explores the primary causes for overages, considers the critical internal and external pressures faced by today’s volatile projects environment, and provides a framework to guide the opportunity to align teams, inform change management, and enforce process to execute your next capital project on plan.

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Unified Engineering
14 April 2020

Never have the stakes been higher for companies 
when it comes to making 
to their engineering work 
processes to maximize ROI 
on Capital Projects. 

Productivity has not developed in decades -
average Capital Project schedule lags by 20 months 
and goes over budget by 8

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Prescriptive Maintenance: Transforming Asset Performance Management
18 March 2020

Prescriptive maintenance technology is changing how companies manage asset downtime. With more advance warning of equipment failures comes additional opportunity to mitigate the negative impact of shutdowns.

In this new white paper discover how prescriptive maintenance powered by AI and machine learning can help predict equipment breakdowns up to months in advance, automate data collection, cleansing and analysis and quickly scale across similar assets enterprise-wide.

Learn how companies have successfully implemented these solutions and the quantitative benefits achieved.

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Technologies to make hydrogen one of the ‘go-to’ fuels of the future
9 March 2020

 As global efforts to reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 intensify, hydrogen’s credentials as a powerful ally for renewable energy and tool for decarbonization are in the spotlight. 

This white paper explores what it will take for hydrogen to play two key roles in the global quest for net zero:

  • Enabling greater use of renewable electricity as a form of storage and cleaner source of power generation to balance the intermittency of renewables
  • Decarbonizing CO2-intensive sectors by serving as a low-emissions propellant in shipping, a feedstock and heat source for industry, and an alternative fuel in residential and commercial heating.

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Digi-OE: the merger that every energy company should do
18 December 2019

Over the last few decades, operational excellence (OE) programmes have been an important way that oil and gas companies have sought to enhance their performance. Such programmes, built on the foundations of process excellence techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma, whipped around organisations, optimising processes and taking out cost. But, despite some success, most did not realise the full performance potential of their assets and operations. 

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2020 Fundamentals Weaker As Prices Set To Fall
9 December 2019

Fears of a slowing global economy, rising trade tensions and recession risks have been a large part of the demand narrative this year, but recent indicators led us to believe global growth will stabilise in the coming quarters. The weaker pricing we see stems from the supply side, as Opec curtailment proves insufficient to offset rising non-Opec supply

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Turn Unplanned Downtime Into Planned Downtime
20 November 2019

Unplanned downtime has wide-ranging impacts that affect more than just a plant’s productivity and profitability. Forced shutdowns also have a major impact on plant and personnel safety, as well as greenhouse gas emissions and environmental compliance. But what if you could actually plan for downtime?

In this paper, learn how advances in machine learning and predictive analytics are eliminating the surprise of unplanned downtime—enabling companies to minimise the most dangerous conditions, reduce the amount of gases released into the environment, and improve productivity and profitability.

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