Achieve Production Agility in Your Refinery in a VUCA Environment
13 May 2020

May 27, 2020, 10:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM CEST

How are you using technology to be more agile and responsive in the current VUCA environment? Today’s refineries are challenged with lower demand and a remote staff. Join AspenTech experts as they share insights on three high-impact technology areas that refiners can use now to better manage uncertainty. See how you can:

  • Rapidly analyze business scenarios to determine optimal and lowest risk operating choices 
  • Adapt to changing operating conditions such as throughput rate and product mix
  • Reduce operating cost and risks, understanding safe operating envelopes

Learn how leading companies are using digital technology to make informed decisions and navigate the current economic and operational challenges.

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PE Live: Sunset or new dawn for the UKCS?
13 May 2020

This webcast looks at the positives that remain for the UKCS even during the depressed price environment, but also examines the risks it poses for the MER strategy. We will ask what happens to assets that have changed hands in recent years and how the M&A landscape looks for the future.

Moving forward, we will confront the challenges facing the UKCS supply chain and think too about the importance of the role of the OGA. Longer-term, we will consider what the future might hold for a lower carbon North Sea, as well as discussing what next for decommissioning.

This webcast, took place on Thursday 21 May 2020. 

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PE Live: The OFSE sector: navigating the price decline
11 May 2020

The OFSE sector is under severe pressure globally - given sharply lower oil prices, c.30pc capex cuts across the industry and continuously declining rig counts - and the challenges are particularly acute in the US shale oil sector. How should participants respond and how will the industry evolve?

The expert panel will consider:

•    The challenges the OFSE sector faces and the potential solutions
•    The role of technology, including digital transformation
•    The lessons that can be learned from the post-2014 era
•    How decarbonisation of production will be impacted
•    What the industry will look like when the crisis is over

This webcast took place on Thursday 14 May.  

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PE Live: Oil and gas contracts during and post Covid-19
17 April 2020

The relationship between oil and gas producers and their customers is going through the biggest change in a generation. Petroleum Economist, in association with King & Spalding, is hosting a webcast on how the Covid-19 pandemic and oil price crash is impacting existing contracts and the negotiation of new ones in this new era.

This webcast took place on Thursday 23 April.  

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PE Live: M&A: Price volatility, logistical challenges…and bargain hunting
17 April 2020

The second webcast of the 'PE Live' series, in association with Shearman & Sterling will cover:

  • The prospects for and challenges of M&A in the current swiftly evolving market
  • The way forward for M&A as the post-coronavirus picture becomes clearer
  • The strategy of majors and other large IOCs
  • Learnings from the aftermath of previous price collapses and their relevance this time round
  •  Potential acquisition targets


This webcast took place on Tuesday 14th April. 

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PE Live Crisis in Oil Demand: The Longer-Term Market Implications
1 April 2020

Join Petroleum Economist and special guests on the first PE Live webcast on Tuesday 7th April.

Some key questions our expert panellists will be answering:

• Is there a scenario where a sustained production war combined with unprecedented global demand impact changes the oil market forever?

• Do Saudi Arabia and Russia have any choice but to step back, given the escalation of Covid-19’s demand impact?

• What does the future of the US shale patch look like in various supply and demand scenarios?

• How do other production centres cope in the new price environment?

• Is cheap feedstock enough to protect refined products and petchems markets from the demand shock?

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Decarbonisation solutions for Oil and Gas Companies
25 March 2020

The oil and gas sector is under ever-increasing pressure to reduce the carbon intensity of the processes and operations involved in production and distribution. The webcast will take a close look at energy efficiency improvement and decarbonisation solutions within the sector, as it contributes to the mitigation of global warming, with a focus on creating reliable and clean energy systems.

Join the experts as they discuss:

• How waste-energy recovery boosts sustainability for manufacturers

• Financing projects and expected rates of return

• Case studies of Turboden projects

This webcast took place on Wednesday March 25, 2020. 

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Asia's Natural Gas Midstream in Focus
12 February 2020

Asia drives global LNG demand. Robust demand for cleaner-burning fuel in Asian countries amid rapid population growth, improvements to living standards, and general economic advancement provide a context for sustained LNG import capacity investment.

This webcast describes the key drivers, challenges, and impacts of Asian LNG capacity investment to 2025 and an examination of the implications for a variety of far-reaching factors. We look at the effects of potential oil-linked vs. hub-based pricing in the Asian project economics context, highlight critical factors supporting or inhibiting project progression, and provide a five-year outlook on anticipated capacity expansion for key Asian LNG import nations, including China, Japan, India, and South Korea. 

This webinar takes place on Thursday 12 March, 2020

10am CDT
4pm CET
11pm PST


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Meeting Europe’s Natural Gas Infrastructure Challenge: Opportunities and Outlook 2020
5 December 2019

In this webcast, the Energy Web Atlas Market Analyst for Global Data Solutions will examine the implications for managing the supply of natural gas through Europe to consumers. He will discuss the potential of capital investments and identify areas where a conflux of issues may lead to a gas transmission system shortfall. He will compare regional natural gas transmission capacity and import facility capacities to the prospects of domestic supply and growing demand centers. And finally, he will look at areas that require additional investment by midstream operators and the implications for the broader gas dynamics of Europe.

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Burning Themes in Oil and Gas
24 September 2019

The Oil and Gas Industry is being reshaped by changes to the fundamentals of supply and demand. Government policy, corporate strategy, and consumer behaviour have the potential to re-shape the energy mix in ways that are only just taking shape today. This creates new opportunities and new challenges for the hydrocarbons sector. Technology and innovation drove the 180 degree change in narrative from one of peak oil to one of excess supply. What are the new forces driving change in demand? And what will that demand look like in the future?

Fitch Solutions' Oil and Gas senior analysts will explain in this one hour webinar, how their 10 year oil price forecast reflects the anticipated changes heralded for the Oil and Gas markets; what is within scope for the coming decade and what is more long term and therefore subject to more uncertainty.

Watch the on-demand recording here. 

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