Decarbonisation solutions for Oil and Gas Companies
25 March 2020

The oil and gas sector is under ever-increasing pressure to reduce the carbon intensity of the processes and operations involved in production and distribution. The webcast will take a close look at energy efficiency improvement and decarbonisation solutions within the sector, as it contributes to the mitigation of global warming, with a focus on creating reliable and clean energy systems.

Join the experts as they discuss:

• How waste-energy recovery boosts sustainability for manufacturers

• Financing projects and expected rates of return

• Case studies of Turboden projects

This webcast took place on Wednesday March 25, 2020. 

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Asia's Natural Gas Midstream in Focus
12 February 2020

Asia drives global LNG demand. Robust demand for cleaner-burning fuel in Asian countries amid rapid population growth, improvements to living standards, and general economic advancement provide a context for sustained LNG import capacity investment.

This webcast describes the key drivers, challenges, and impacts of Asian LNG capacity investment to 2025 and an examination of the implications for a variety of far-reaching factors. We look at the effects of potential oil-linked vs. hub-based pricing in the Asian project economics context, highlight critical factors supporting or inhibiting project progression, and provide a five-year outlook on anticipated capacity expansion for key Asian LNG import nations, including China, Japan, India, and South Korea. 

This webinar takes place on Thursday 12 March, 2020

10am CDT
4pm CET
11pm PST


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Meeting Europe’s Natural Gas Infrastructure Challenge: Opportunities and Outlook 2020
5 December 2019

In this webcast, the Energy Web Atlas Market Analyst for Global Data Solutions will examine the implications for managing the supply of natural gas through Europe to consumers. He will discuss the potential of capital investments and identify areas where a conflux of issues may lead to a gas transmission system shortfall. He will compare regional natural gas transmission capacity and import facility capacities to the prospects of domestic supply and growing demand centers. And finally, he will look at areas that require additional investment by midstream operators and the implications for the broader gas dynamics of Europe.

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Burning Themes in Oil and Gas
24 September 2019

The Oil and Gas Industry is being reshaped by changes to the fundamentals of supply and demand. Government policy, corporate strategy, and consumer behaviour have the potential to re-shape the energy mix in ways that are only just taking shape today. This creates new opportunities and new challenges for the hydrocarbons sector. Technology and innovation drove the 180 degree change in narrative from one of peak oil to one of excess supply. What are the new forces driving change in demand? And what will that demand look like in the future?

Fitch Solutions' Oil and Gas senior analysts will explain in this one hour webinar, how their 10 year oil price forecast reflects the anticipated changes heralded for the Oil and Gas markets; what is within scope for the coming decade and what is more long term and therefore subject to more uncertainty.

Watch the on-demand recording here. 

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with End-to-End Digital Twin and Integrated Power and Process
15 May 2019

This webcast will explore how digital transformation concepts can be leveraged to drive profitability through new levels of operational efficiency.

Rethinking traditional approaches when it comes to design, implementation and operation of assets results in faster time to production, safely and securely. The integration of asset data intelligence includes both the power and process of the plant from the early design of a digital twin into a unified simulation platform, driving total expenditure improvements across the enterprise lifecycle, from FEED to operations to supply chain and even into end of life.

Watch this webcast to find out how an integrated power and process approach improves accuracy, eliminating redundancy, and creating new insights that improve asset performance and profitability.

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APM Benchmarking Study Results: How Do You Stack Up?
7 May 2019

Recorded Tuesday 7 May 2019

APM Benchmarking Study Results: How Do You Stack Up?

How effective is your asset performance management strategy? During this webinar, ARC Advisory Group Analyst Peter Reynolds shared the results of a recent APM benchmarking survey. View the on-demand webinar and learn how today's industry leaders measure the effectiveness of their APM strategy, what maintenance practices and tools are used and how well they are working, and what groups in an organization have the biggest impact on asset performance. The webinar also includes case study examples of companies maximizing profitability with APM.


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Measuring the Importance of Asset Performance Management in your Digital Journey
22 April 2019

Is poor asset performance hampering your overall business performance?

When assets fail to live up to expectations and intended reliability, profit margins suffer and achieving operational excellence can seem out of reach. ARC Advisory Group has designed a questionnaire to better understand how today’s industry leaders are implementing Asset Performance Management (APM) initiatives and to compare the effectiveness of the different approaches.

We invite you to participate by completing this survey, which will take 5-10 minutes and form the basis for a webcast where the results will be analysed and shared.

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A record year for LNG project sanctions in 2019?
10 April 2019

LNG supply looks set to have a record year in 2019 on two fronts – production growth and the number of financial investment decisions (FIDs) expected to be taken.

Join Hydrocarbon Processing Editor & Associate Publisher Lee Nichols, Energy Web Atlas’ Peregrine Bush & Scott Allgood, as they use the Energy Web Atlas LNG dataset to examine the current status of the global LNG network, as well as determine the future outlook.

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The impact of US LNG exports to Asia
23 January 2019

Recorded: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Will Asia provide a market for significant US exports?

LNG exports are set to be dominated by the US, Australia and Qatar. In the future, it is expected that they will account for over half of global LNG exports by 2040. The US currently has an export capacity of 25m t/y and is heading towards 100m t/y in the short term.

Join Hydrocarbon Processing Editor & Associate Publisher Lee Nichols, Energy Web Atlas’ Peregrine Bush & Scott Allgood, as they use the Energy Web Atlas LNG dataset to examine the current status of the global LNG network, as well as determine the future outlook. 

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Implementing Predictive Analytics in an Asset Performance Management Strategy
16 November 2018

Recorded: Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Assets are the heart of your business. In this digital age, as vast amounts of data are unleashed, we're presented with the opportunity to drive even greater efficiency and optimisation of assets and processes.

But how do you get started in implementing a true asset strategy in your company? How do you know what software to choose for the greatest impact on efficiency?

This webcast discusses six steps to start your digital transformation and move beyond traditional maintenance practices to predictive maintenance for greater maximum return on industrial assets.

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