Digitalisation Review 2020
23 November 2020
Sponsor: Various partners

Adaptability is becoming a prerequisite for the oil and gas industry in these rapidly changing times. Companies need to be able to pivot at ease to new ways of working, and greater adoption of digital technologies can play an invaluable role in this emerging transition. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has showcased the importance of both adaptability and agility. Operators at a higher stage of digital maturity have been better able to endure the economic crisis. Businesses at a lower level of digitalisation have been made aware of the importance of overhauling legacy working practices. Ambitious decarbonisation pledges have also highlighted the industry shift towards green energy. Digital technologies can help play a crucial bridging role towards this net-zero future, driving operational efficiencies and lowering operational emissions. New technologies will only increase in importance to support this drive towards cleaner energy. In this report, industry experts examine some of the key themes influencing this adoption of digital technologies. Contributors discussed the changing cyber security landscape, automating refineries, the power of the digital twin, extending offshore asset life, among many other topics.

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Accelerating digital transformation in oil and gas
20 October 2020
Sponsor: Publicis Sapient

Digitalisation has the power to reshape business strategies across the oil and gas sector. New technologies help drive down costs, improve efficiencies and offer fresh opportunities for value creation. This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has only underlined the importance of digital solutions, with traditional office work upended and employees collaborating virtually across the world. At Petroleum Economist, in association with Publicis Sapient, we spoke with industry leaders to find out their views on the forces driving the transformation. The report that follows expands upon these findings, examining the key motivating factors for adopting new technologies, the hurdles holding firms back and the appetite for greater change, among many other themes.

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The Future of LNG and Natural Gas Infrastructure
20 August 2020
Sponsor: Ashurst

LNG and natural gas are critical parts of an interconnected global energy system. New directions are shaping the industry and there are opportunities for players who can adapt. International law firm Ashurst surveyed LNG industry leaders across the Asia-Pacific region to ask how they thought the sector was responding to changing dynamics and what they think the future may hold. This has resulted in a brand new report, available now.

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Energy Transition Review
5 May 2020
Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright and Schneider Electric

The energy transition will be a multi-faceted process with each contributing energy source offering enormous potential but often bringing new challenges. The oil and gas sector is rapidly improving efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint, but can this be done around the world at reasonable cost? The boom in renewables continues apace, across ever more markets around the world, but requires peak demand support and smart grid management. And green hydrogen potentially offers a carbon-neutral high energy density fuel, but can it be cost competitive at scale? In this report, industry experts identify problems and present potential solutions.

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Private Equity's Upstream journey
31 March 2020
Sponsor: Allen and Overy

Private equity interest in the E&P industry soared in the wake of the 2014 oil price crash. However, renewed appetite for upstream assets was not only predicated on exploiting commodity cycles. Private equity spotted an opportunity when patchy performance and escalating ESG concerns meant publicly listed investors turned their back on mature basins. While it was hype around the shale revolution that first attracted attention, an alternative strategy quickly emerged. In this report, we follow private equity’s upstream journey and consider whether this latest round of E&P investment will ultimately deliver on its promise.

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The Emerging Price Offerings from Second Wave U.S LNG Projects: Perspectives from Sellers and Buyers
17 September 2019
Sponsor: King & Spalding

With the LNG market in a state of rapid transition, the future is shrouded in considerable uncertainty, but the expectation is that commoditization and liquidity will continue to grow as the industry matures – and that both firstwave and second-wave U.S. LNG export projects will help drive these trends. So, how much capacity can we realistically expect from the second wave? Download this 20-page report for more insight into the future of the LNG Market.

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Competition, Commoditisation & Consolidation
17 September 2019
Sponsor: Shearman & Sterling

How will M&A activity re-shape the fast-growing LNG business? This report sets out to answer the question: “What might the LNG industry look like in five years and ten years from now?” In particular, how is it likely to be re-shaped by corporate activity – such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – as the growing number of players seek to maximise value by adapting to the forces re-shaping the industry? These forces can be grouped into three categories: competition, commoditisation and consolidation

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Floating Innovation
5 August 2019
Sponsor: Schneider Electric

The use of floating production storage and offloading units (FPSOs) has continued into the first quarter of 2019 – but how long this wave of demand lasts will depend on the speed of innovation in the sector. The transition from oil and gas to renewables, as well as the fast development of shale in the US, may mean that the cost pressure on oil will not ease in the short to medium term. The ability of FPSOs to achieve cost reductions will therefore be critical to the success or viability of certain fields. The last 30 FPSO-based projects’ final investment decisions (FIDs) announced included 14 units with a breakeven below $50/bl, 15 units between $50/bl and $70/bl and three units in excess of $70/bl.

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Global LNG Report 2019: A Review of Demand, Supply and Financing Issues
27 February 2019
Sponsor: DLA Piper

Why 2019 will be pivotal for new LNG supply and markets. DLA Piper's "Global LNG Report 2019: a review of demand, supply and financing issues" concludes that we are likely to see several new LNG supply projects launched this year, following the recent Golden Pass final investment decision (FID). However, while there is a long list of individually credible projects that could reach FID - with total liquefaction capacity of over 230 million tonnes/year - there is room in the market for only a fraction of them. This report explores the below key questions: • Will 2019 see the expected stampede to sanction new supply projects? • What will be the respective roles of natural gas and LNG in a decarbonising world? • As LNG supply continues its strong growth, where are the key markets? • How sustainable is China's spectacular LNG import growth? Download your complimentary copy of this report here.

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The changing corporate landscape of the North Sea
3 December 2018
Sponsor: BMO Capital Markets

The corporate landscape in the UK North Sea has been substantially reinvigorated since the collapse in oil prices, with a lot of new faces as well as some of the more familiar ones. A new wave of Independent companies has grown its share of production in the UK, more than doubling it from 12pc in 2014 to 30pc today. And in a complete funding turnaround, private equity, which was almost entirely new to the market, currently owns about 14% of total UK production.

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